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Fifty of the most highly skilled Extreme Long Range marksmen in the world come to Raton, New Mexico to compete for the title of the King of 2 Miles. Shooters attempt to qualify by hitting four targets at a distance of approximately one mile, and the top ten in points then advance to the finals where the targets range from 1.5 to 2 miles away.


Father and Son Outdoors “”Wintertime Sheepshead””

"Wintertime Sheepshead" Father and Son Outdoors Captain Joe Dennis along with good friends Captain James Lavanway with Reel Fishfinder charters, Ritt Ritter and Citadel graduate Rush Perkins catch sheepshead off the Charleston coast. [...]

Trophy Hunters TV “Plucked from the Crowd”

Plucked from the Crowd Trophy Hunters TV A 10-year-old girl shows up with her dad at the 2018 Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza, not knowing she will be plucked from the thousands of people there [...]

The Direction “Gives Back”

Gives Back The Direction Mark Stowe heads to the Nipsco Gives Back Charity Fund raising fishing event in Indiana, where they are raising money for Autism Awareness.

Old School Outdoors “Turkey Slam”

Turkey Slam Old School Outdoors Greg Hall and Dennis Branton try their hand at completing the Slam. This episode they travel to Texas, Florida, Wyoming and Oklahoma!

The Best of the West “Stunned As Me Arse”

Stunned As Me Arse The Best of the West Host John Ibbotson and pro dealer Dan Venditto head to Newfoundland Canada to field test the newest line of Best Of The West custom rifles [...]

Hitmen “God Bless Texas”

God Bless Texas Hitmen This week we finish up Blaines big 8 point hunt, the Jeff Elliott puts his YHM and Expedition bow to work on some Texas bucks of his own [...]


POWER OF ZEUS TAK Driver TV This week we are hunting whitetail in Ohio. We introduce the brand new broadhead with smart head technology "The Zeus"