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Fifty of the most highly skilled Extreme Long Range marksmen in the world come to Raton, New Mexico to compete for the title of the King of 2 Miles. Shooters attempt to qualify by hitting four targets at a distance of approximately one mile, and the top ten in points then advance to the finals where the targets range from 1.5 to 2 miles away.


Brush Pile “Tournament Techniques”

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Modern Shooter “Double Play!”

Double Play! Modern Shooter Lance McCullers and Jason Castro are Major League Baseball players...but they are pretty good on the range also.

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Hunt Co “Bruce”

Bruce Hunt Co Michael's four years of history with the buck they called Bruce; comes to an end during Missouri's rifle season.

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Early Season Rut Life Our youngest Junior Prostaffer and one of our lady Prostaffers each take nice bucks in early NC archery season.

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