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Keyes Outdoors is an award winning outdoors TV series that travels the US and Canada in pursuit of chasing monster muskies. We live off the thrill we get when hunting these beautiful monsters! Keyes Outdoors has an ensemble team who fishes the upper Midwest for the big trophy muskies considered the monster fish of the freshwaters in North America.


Keyes Outdoors “Green Bay August Muskies”

Green Bay August Muskies Keyes Outdoors Mike Keyes and Dave Brown head over to Green Bay, Wisconsin to target cabbage path muskies, we also discover a new little lake that has some awesome muskie [...]

Keyes Outdoors “Revenge Muskies”

Revenge Muskies Keyes Outdoors Mike Keyes, Dave Brown and Todd “Super T “ Hess are hunting big muskies on a lake in Minnesota that is super tough lake to fish. Two against one on [...]

Keyes Outdoors “Wild Rivers Minnesota”

Wild Rivers Minnesota Keyes Outdoors Mike Keyes, Dave Brown and Ben Olsen are off chasing yet another rumor of monster muskies thriving in a off the beaten path in the middle of no where [...]

Keyes Outdoors “Fox River Muskies”

Fox River Muskies Keyes Outdoors Mike Keyes is joined by legendary Green Bay musky guide Bret Alexander and good friend Jason Popp for the musky opener on the Fox River. The boys lit it [...]