Jason Peterson’s Into the Wild2018-11-28T14:34:59-05:00


Into the wild TV will take the viewer on hunts for many different species in many different parts of the globe.  With host, Jason Petersons decades of filming, field production, and more off hunting experience the viewer will be entertained with world class videography, and a storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Jason Petersons Into the Wild “Alberta Elk”

Alberta Elk Jason Petersons Into the Wild Screaming bulls, Swirling wind, and instructions to wait for the big one this year, Jason and company try their hand in some great spot and stalk archery [...]

Jason Petersons Into the Wild “Wolves”

Wolves Jason Petersons Into the Wild Jason teams up with Rob Brown and Timberking Outfitting as they try multiple strategies to try and beat North Americas smartest predator; the wolf. [...]