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Inside The Wild Side is a traditional family style show! We are a Christian show because we love to share the gospel and outdoor because we love to hunt and fish with the best of them. We have a prostaff that is very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the outdoors.


Inside the Wild Side “Never give up!”

Never give up! Inside the Wild Side ITW is with Hope Outdoors on a hunt with Russell Ginn young man who lost his legs in a steel mill accident! Well he has 2 new [...]

Inside the Wild Side “Two Warriors!”

Two Warriors! Inside the Wild Side First warrior KJ Feilds is with Hope Outdoors killing a Gobbler from a wheelchair. Then Second Warrior Jesse Fox is on a Wounded Warrior Hunt after his first [...]

Inside the Wild Side “Hes a Blessing!”

Hes a Blessing! Inside the Wild Side Young man Tyler Rivers with the adversities of autism gets the opportunity at a South Ms Buck with the help of the Hope Outdoors Organization! [...]

Inside the Wild Side “Creating Memories!”

Creating Memories! Inside the Wild Side Friend of ITW Mark Scherfius is in Ky at West Ky Whitetails looking for a nicen! Ben Anderson from Mizzu is trying to do the same with his [...]

Inside the Wild Side “Bass Fishing”

Bass Fishing Inside the Wild Side ITW is with FLW Pro Circuit Angler Jimmy Washam on the Tn River at Pickwick Lake! Jimmy's showing my youngest son Christian Delashmit how to fish big water! [...]

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