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Hunting with HECS chronicles the evolution of concealment by show casing close encounters with wild animals and bringing viewers along on exciting hunting adventures from around the world.


Hunting with HECS “Up-close Turkey Tactics”

Hunting with HECS "Up-close Turkey Tactics" -- This week the crew breaks out the archery gear and hunts strutting Toms from the ground with no blind. This up-close action showcases the amazing advantage offered by Hecs technology.

Hunting with HECS “Pushing the Boundaries”

Hunting with HECS "Pushing the Boundaries" -- In this week’s episode the HECS crew pushes the boundaries farther than ever before. We think this is some of the best Hecs footage we’ve ever put together and it’s sure to have you glued to your seat. This show is all about up close, in your face action and it’s all coming up, right here on Hunting with HECS!

Hunting with HECS “Radical Turkey Tactics”

Radical Turkey Tactics Hunting with HECS With more and more pressure being put on hard hunted turkeys, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to turkey tactics. This episode shows how [...]

Hunting with HECS “Calling them Close”

Calling them Close Hunting with HECS This week we head out in search of some winter predator action. Using Hecs technology makes for some exciting close encounters and more fur in the truck. [...]

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