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Hunting with HECS chronicles the evolution of concealment by show casing close encounters with wild animals and bringing viewers along on exciting hunting adventures from around the world.


Hunting with HECS “Bow Hunting Idaho Moose”

Bow Hunting Idaho Moose Hunting with HECS First Aired 2014 ~ This week we accompany host Mike Slinkard as he travels to Idaho and uses Hecs Technology to get close Shiras Moose. Mike is [...]

Hunting with HECS “Close Quarter Whitetails”

Close Quarter Whitetails Hunting with HECS Its big buck season once again and this episode shows how well Hecs technology works on big rutting whitetails. From eye level velvet bucks, to giant Midwest monsters [...]

Hunting with HECS “Mountain Black Bears”

Mountain Black Bears Hunting with HECS This week the Hecs crew heads to mountains of the west in pursuit of Black Bears. From crazy spot and stalk to baited tree stand hunts the guys [...]

Hunting with HECS “The Best of 2018”

The Best of 2018 Hunting with HECS If you missed any Hunting with Hecs episodes this season then you don’t want to miss this one. 2018 was a phenomenal year for Hecs encounters and [...]