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While sitting in a tree stand on a fall evening back in 2006, Joe Allen decided that he wanted to find a way to document his hunts for whitetail deer. After keeping a simple diary of notes for a few seasons he decided to take cell phone photos and videos of his hunting locations. Eventually, in 2011 Joe took a video camera to the woods for the first time in an effort to record at least a portion of his hunts. In an effort to create a higher quality image, Joe researched and taught himself how to use different types of cameras and eventually decided to use a DSLR camera as his main camera during hunts. He believed that, while many other videographers were using DSLR cameras as a second angle camera, if he could develop the skill and correct combination of equipment to successfully film hunts with a DSLR alone he would create a film like video that would be unique compared to the standard hunting show or video.

Joe eventually met a producer who created many different television shows and commercials for the Pursuit channel. When this producer saw Joe’s work he invited Joe to be a part of his shows and also asked for his help in commercial projects. Knowing that the next step would be to collect as much quality hunting footage possible, Joe began to develop a team of hunters who had proven track records of serious success hunting whitetail deer. With a strong focus on a quality product being the driving force for Joe, he shared his self taught knowledge with this group of skilled hunters who eventually also became skilled videographers and storytellers themselves.

After 2 years on the Pursuit channel as a featured team on various hunting shows, the HuntCo was formed! The team is currently in production process for the Hunt Company which will be televised on the Pursuit Channel and various local networks.


Hunt Co “Honor Hunt”

Honor Hunt Hunt Co The HuntCo joins Got Your Six Coffee Company on a mission to provide great hunting opportunities for veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.

Hunt Co “Field to Plate”

Field to Plate Hunt Co Joe Allen shows the complete process of taking a deer from the field through processing and all the way to a venison dinner with his friends and family. [...]

Hunt Co “Bruce”

Bruce Hunt Co Michael's four years of history with the buck they called Bruce; comes to an end during Missouri's rifle season.

Hunt Co “Relentless”

Relentless Hunt Co After not having an opportunity at a buck in the early season in nearly 4 years, Michael Heffernon finally gets the chance he’s after.

Hunt Co “Kansas”

Kansas Hunt Co Patience pays off for Brett Davis as he waits for his target buck on his family's lease in Kansas.

Hunt Co “Florida Gators”

Florida Gators Hunt Co After a week in Oregon, Joe Allen travels across the country to spot and stalk gators in Florida with his Cajun bow.

Hunt Co “Gumlog”

Gumlog Hunt Co On his way to hunt gators in Florida, Joe Allen stops to see Matt and TJ at Gumlog Plantation in Georgia.

Hunt Co “Oregon Coast Part II”

Oregon Coast Part II Hunt Co After getting acquainted on social media, Joe, Tim and Anthony meet for the first time in Oregon for a Coastal Roosevelt Elk hunt that will never be forgotten. [...]

Hunt Co “Oregon Coast”

Oregon Coast Hunt Co After getting acquainted on social media, Joe, Tim and Anthony meet for the first time in Oregon for a Coastal Roosevelt Elk hunt that will never be forgotten. [...]

Hunt Co “Cajun 8”

Cajun 8 Hunt Co The HuntCo experiences flying fish for the first time in this episode of bow fishing.

Hunt Co “Three’s Company”

Three's Company Hunt Co Hunter Heffernon has a successful youth weekend. Joe, Michael, and Brett experience the ups and downs of hunting eastern turkeys with archery equipment and Brett Davis has success in Kansas. [...]

Hunt Co “Turkey Fest”

Turkey Fest Hunt Co An annual tradition, the Joe Allen begins his season in Clay County, Texas at Turkey Fest.

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