The national TV show “The Hitmen” is a very easy concept. TV personalities from around the United States have joined forces in creating one of the widest spectrum outdoor shows on TV today. From one end of the country to the other, the different teams within the hitmen show will keep your interest by showing you multiple hunts, by multiple people, in multiple parts of the country.A season is only so many days long, the Hitmen take full advantage of it from day 1. You might start out Day 1 watching a cast member pursuing whitetail in New Hampshire meanwhile another cast member 500 miles away is embarking the same journey. Witness 2 or 3 adventures unfold a week – Same day, different challenges.The Hitmen has no pro-staff, though the show is produced by the multi-award winning production company Nature Productions, all of the outdoorsmen in the series are executive producers and partners within the show bringing a unique feel to the viewer.


Hitmen “Bacon and Backstraps”

Bacon and Backstraps Hitmen This week we finish up hunting hogs in Florida, then head back to Texas for one last crack at a big whitetail buck with Jeff Elliott. [...]

Hitmen “Bear down”

Bear down Hitmen This week we see if Cajsa can get her first bear, then we head to Florida to chase some gators and hogs.

Hitmen “Brandy New”

Brandy New Hitmen This week we have a brand new pro staff member Dave, he is in Texas laying down some awesome deer, then we head out with Cajsa as she tries to harvest [...]

Hitmen “Picky Ricky”

Picky Ricky Hitmen This week we are in Texas with our buddy Ricky, who earned himself a new nickname, as well as some more New Brunswick bear action

Hitmen “1st Maine buck”

1st Maine buck Hitmen This week we finish up with Jeff Elliott in Texas, then head to Maine as Twyla tries to fill her first Maine deer tag

Hitmen “God Bless Texas”

God Bless Texas Hitmen This week we finish up Blaines big 8 point hunt, the Jeff Elliott puts his YHM and Expedition bow to work on some Texas bucks of his own [...]

Hitmen “Rutting bucks”

Rutting bucks Hitmen This week Blaine heads to Texas during the rut to try to bring down his dream 8 point buck!

Hitmen “Midwest Horse shoe”

Midwest Horse shoe Hitmen This week we finish up Allens New Brunswick bear hunt, then its off to the Mid west to see if Jeff can put another nice buck on the ground! [...]

Hitmen “Spring and Fall”

Spring and Fall Hitmen This week we have a little bit of everything, we are chasing big whitetails in Saskatchewan and a couple different spring critters!

Hitmen “Bad Luck”

Bad Luck Hitmen This week we see if Twylas bad luck can turn around, then we head to the midwest after some whitetails!

Hitmen “Headed North”

Headed North Hitmen After a successful exotic hunt in Texas, Twyla heads north to Canada to chase some spring black bears!

Hitmen “Texas Axis”

Texas Axis Hitmen This week we are visiting the boys at YHM and taking a tour around the shop. Then Blaine pics up his YHM and heads to Texas to chase an Axis buck! [...]

Hitmen “Bears and Birds”

Bears and Birds Hitmen This week we finish up the Quest for Blaine's booner Black Bear, then the Huntress ladies take over the show to lay down some spring gobblers! [...]

Hitmen “Bears everywhere!”

Bears everywhere! Hitmen This week Chris and Mike from Dead Ringer head out in hopes of bagging a nice Canadian Black Bear!

Hitmen “Bows vs Bears”

Bows vs Bears Hitmen This week Blaine grabs his bow and heads across the boarder to New Brunswick in search of big spring Bears!

Hitmen “High Point Ranch, P.2”

High Point Ranch, P.2 Hitmen Last week you saw the fellahs nock down some great bucks, this week we head out with the Bossman Jeff Elliott as he puts his YHM to work at [...]

Hitmen “High Point Ranch, P.1”

High Point Ranch, P.1 Hitmen Last week you saw the Ladies of Hitmen Huntress lay down some great Texas bucks, This week its the boys turn to put the YHM's to work at the [...]

Hitmen “Hitmen Huntress”

Hitmen Huntress Hitmen This week we take a look at our brand new Hitmen team The Hitmen Huntress! Join the ladies as they chase around some nice turkeys and some giant Texas bucks! [...]

Hitmen “Action Track Chairs Head South!”

Action Track Chairs Head South! Hitmen This week Blaine partners up with Action Track Chair to take a couple well deserving young men on their very first hog hunts at the Black River Plantation! [...]