The national TV show “The Hitmen” is a very easy concept. TV personalities from around the United States have joined forces in creating one of the widest spectrum outdoor shows on TV today. From one end of the country to the other, the different teams within the hitmen show will keep your interest by showing you multiple hunts, by multiple people, in multiple parts of the country.A season is only so many days long, the Hitmen take full advantage of it from day 1. You might start out Day 1 watching a cast member pursuing whitetail in New Hampshire meanwhile another cast member 500 miles away is embarking the same journey. Witness 2 or 3 adventures unfold a week – Same day, different challenges.The Hitmen has no pro-staff, though the show is produced by the multi-award winning production company Nature Productions, all of the outdoorsmen in the series are executive producers and partners within the show bringing a unique feel to the viewer.


Hitmen “Lone Star State”

Hitmen "Lone Star State" -- This week the Hitmen crew are in the great state of Texas chasing whitetails. Is the Bosmans luck going to change?

Hitmen “Midwest Come Back”

Hitmen "Midwest Come Back" -- This week The Bossman Jeff Elliott is hunting in the Midwest. He has had a rough year hopefully the Midwest is nice to him.

Hitmen “The Turkey Dance”

Hitmen "The Turkey Dance" -- Watch this week to see what can go wrong hunting turkey for the Hitmen crew and how to do the New turkey dance!!!

Hitmen “What Story?”

Hitmen "What Story?" -- The Bossman is hunting in Texas and he needs to come up with a story line. Can he do it? Watch to see if he does as he is chasing a Texas big boy.

Hitmen “Woods to Water”

Hitmen "Woods to Water" -- This week we have some new Hitmen crew. Tim goes after a Missouri whitetail then Tim and Keith are of to Townsend and Sons in Florida to catch big gators.

Hitmen “Mudn Texas Style”

Mudn Texas Style Hitmen Watch to see what happens when Blaine gets frustrated over turkeys! Then we are off to a muddy Texas!

Hitmen “The Turkey Dance”

The Turkey Dance Hitmen Watch this week to see what can go wrong hunting turkey for the Hitmen crew and how to do the New turkey dance!!!

Hitmen “Gators vs Pigs”

Gators vs Pigs Hitmen This week we finish up in Florida but not before Jeff has some excitement in the ground blind!!

Hitmen “Roll The Dice”

Roll The Dice Hitmen This week the boys are still after gators. Jeff is still trying, Kevin makes it look easy and Nate tries it a different way!

Hitmen “Alligator Shuffle”

Alligator Shuffle Hitmen Small boat plus big gator a bad combo? Watch to see if Blaine can keep his balance as the gator tries to knock him out of the boat!!! [...]

Hitmen “Birthday Bash Begins”

Birthday Bash Begins Hitmen We finish up in Texas, then we are off to Florida to Blaine and Jeffs birthday bash after gators and hogs!!

Hitmen “Distracted”

Distracted Hitmen The boys are in paradise still and looking for whitetails. Ever wonder what happens when Blaine gets distracted?

Hitmen “Cancun”

Cancun Hitmen The boys are in paradise so they think, but the frustration begins as the boys start hitting the blinds for whitetails.

Hitmen “Top Secret Location”

Top Secret Location Hitmen This week we finish up with Jeff then we are off to a secret location in south Texas!! You wont want to miss the guys roughing it in the Texas [...]

Hitmen “Xpedition for Bears”

Xpedition for Bears Hitmen This week on the Hitmen, we are still up North. This week Logan Pruitt and Chris Cobbett from Xpedition Archery is up to bat. Grooming advice for beards is also [...]

Hitmen “Dynamic Solutions”

Dynamic Solutions Hitmen This episode of the Hitmen is action-packed. We are going after 4 different bucks and 2 hogs. Nathan, Dave, Walker, Joe, and Lisa are featured. Then Anthony talks about life planning [...]

Hitmen “Boss Bear”

Boss Bear Hitmen The Bossman Himself goes after a bear that "just can't wait". After Jeff tags out, His camera girl Twyla tries her luck, but she is going to need tons of it. [...]

Hitmen “Jeff’s gettin’ cold”

Jeff's gettin' cold Hitmen Jeff Elliott heads up North to Saskatchewan after a chocolate horned buck. Then he heads back down south to the Midwest in search of a big buck. Then we get [...]

Hitmen “Bullwinkle and a Buck”

Bullwinkle and a Buck Hitmen The guys and gals of the Hitmen TV Show head to Newfoundland in search of a moose at Buck Lake Lodge. Then they head southerly to Missouri to Hickory [...]

Hitmen “Birds of a feather”

Birds of a feather Hitmen This episode of the Hitmen is action-packed. We feature some turkey hunts from Twyla Jean, Jeremiah Thompson, Eddie Roberts, and Blaine. Then we head to Newfoundland after Bullwinkle. [...]

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