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Higdon Outdoors TV represents the vision of a team of waterfowl hunters, product developers and industry professionals whose goal is to get hunters everywhere fired up. The Higdon Outdoors Team chases waterfowl across North America and delivers some of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping waterfowl hunting action ever seen on TV. A new breed of waterfowl TV begins here.


Higdon Outdoors TV “601 Backwater”

Higdon Outdoors TV "601 Backwater" -- When the backwater is coming up, the Higdon crews season may be on the way out! Watch as they rush against the clock to get their crops planted in time and try to make the most of a season plagued by high water levels.

Higdon Outdoors TV “Giants and Cacklers”

Giants and Cacklers Higdon Outdoors TV Giants, Cacklers, Ducks and even a snow find their way into the spread on this epic hunt with the Higdon crew. Watch as Kile Jones joins his mentor, [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Hear The Hunt”

Hear The Hunt Higdon Outdoors TV Its the last hunt of the season for the timber hole at the Higdon farm in Ballard County, Kentucky, and we share the blind with some special guests. [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Heaven”

Heaven Higdon Outdoors TV Founders of Habitat Flats Ira and Aaron McCauley take the Higdon crew to their family timber hole called Heaven for an epic duck hunt you wont want to miss! [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Chris Akin”

Chris Akin Higdon Outdoors TV Theres nothing like hunting with a dog and theres no better place to train a dog than with Chris Akin at Webb Footed Kennels. Chris shows off his championship [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Locust Grove Part 2”

Locust Grove Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew continues their epic hunt at Locust Grove with Ira McCauley, the founder of MOmarsh. Learn how he got his start in the industry and [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Money Part 1”

Money Part 1 Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon Crew heads Locust Grove to hunt with the founder of Momarsh to hear how Ira McCauley got his start. Dont miss this epic hunt! [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “One After Another”

One After Another Higdon Outdoors TV On this afternoon hunt ducks and snows are coming so fast that the Higdon crew can barely get back in their Invisi-Man blinds before the next flock. [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Black Hole”

Black Hole Higdon Outdoors TV Its the first hunt of their Saskatchewan trip to Smokem Outfitters and the Higdon crew is targeting the honkers, but catch the attention of snows and ducks while theyre [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Backwater”

Backwater Higdon Outdoors TV When the backwater is coming up, the Higdon crews season may be on the way out! Watch as they rush against the clock to get their crops planted in time [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Sadie”

Sadie Higdon Outdoors TV Ira McCauley is a world renowned veterinarian, founder of Momarsh and co-founder of Habitat Flats. The Higdon crew had the honor of sharing some Invisiman blinds on a unique hunt [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Into the Sun”

Into the Sun Higdon Outdoors TV When the wind won't cooperate, the Higdon crew is forced to hunt facing into the sun. They put their InvisiMan blinds to the test when the birds can [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Timber Takedown”

Timber Takedown Higdon Outdoors TV When your duck blind's in the wrong place you can't just move the blind. But you can set up some Momarsh InvisiMan blinds right where the birds want to [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Cuttin’ Close Part 2”

Cuttin' Close Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV When the Higdon crew finishes shooting their limits they trade places with the camera crew to let them shoot theirs. Watch as both crews struggle to trade [...]

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