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Higdon Outdoors TV represents the vision of a team of waterfowl hunters, product developers and industry professionals whose goal is to get hunters everywhere fired up. The Higdon Outdoors Team chases waterfowl across North America and delivers some of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping waterfowl hunting action ever seen on TV. A new breed of waterfowl TV begins here.


Higdon Outdoors TV “One After Another”

One After Another Higdon Outdoors TV On this afternoon hunt ducks and snows are coming so fast that the Higdon crew can barely get back in their Invisi-Man blinds before the next flock. [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Black Hole”

Black Hole Higdon Outdoors TV Its the first hunt of their Saskatchewan trip to Smokem Outfitters and the Higdon crew is targeting the honkers, but catch the attention of snows and ducks while theyre [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Backwater”

Backwater Higdon Outdoors TV When the backwater is coming up, the Higdon crews season may be on the way out! Watch as they rush against the clock to get their crops planted in time [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Sadie”

Sadie Higdon Outdoors TV Ira McCauley is a world renowned veterinarian, founder of Momarsh and co-founder of Habitat Flats. The Higdon crew had the honor of sharing some Invisiman blinds on a unique hunt [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Into the Sun”

Into the Sun Higdon Outdoors TV When the wind won't cooperate, the Higdon crew is forced to hunt facing into the sun. They put their InvisiMan blinds to the test when the birds can [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Timber Takedown”

Timber Takedown Higdon Outdoors TV When your duck blind's in the wrong place you can't just move the blind. But you can set up some Momarsh InvisiMan blinds right where the birds want to [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Cuttin’ Close Part 2”

Cuttin' Close Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV When the Higdon crew finishes shooting their limits they trade places with the camera crew to let them shoot theirs. Watch as both crews struggle to trade [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Mallard Pond”

Mallard Pond Higdon Outdoors TV With a name like Mallard Pond you know there's gonna be tons of green heads! Kelley Powers takes us to his home farm to take down ducks and honkers. [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Ducks in the Field”

Ducks in the Field Higdon Outdoors TV There's nothing like shooting ducks in the field in the snow! The Higdon crew puts 'em down with some help from Smoke'm Outfitters! [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Snow and Ice”

Snow and Ice Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew battles through snow and ice in Ballard County, Kentucky. Ice Blasters, Pulsators and Crazy Kickers help keep the hole open enough to salvage the season. [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Ice and Timber”

Ice and Timber Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew puts in blood sweat and tears at their farm in Ballard County to get ready for season, but end up battling ice and cold temps [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Final Flight Part 2”

Final Flight Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV World Goose Calling Champion Kelley Powers hunts with his family on the farm he grew up on and shares their stories while they bring down mallards, wood [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Higdon Timber”

Higdon Timber Higdon Outdoors TV There's nothing like hunting in the timber. Join the Higdon crew on their farm as the ducks drop in on dozens of motion decoy and a spread like you've [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Final Flight Part 1”

Final Flight Part 1 Higdon Outdoors TV Kelley Powers is a world champion goose caller, champion of champions, co-owner of Final Flight Outfitters and founder of Power Calls. Learn how he got his start [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Forged In Fire”

Forged In Fire Higdon Outdoors TV Mark Higdon changed the waterfowl industry by introducing the first ever motion goose decoy in 1994. Since then the Higdon family has continued to innovate and change the [...]

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