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Higdon Outdoors TV represents the vision of a team of waterfowl hunters, product developers and industry professionals whose goal is to get hunters everywhere fired up. The Higdon Outdoors Team chases waterfowl across North America and delivers some of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping waterfowl hunting action ever seen on TV. A new breed of waterfowl TV begins here.


Higdon Outdoors TV “Ice and Timber”

Ice and Timber Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew puts in blood sweat and tears at their farm in Ballard County to get ready for season, but end up battling ice and cold temps [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Final Flight Part 2”

Final Flight Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV World Goose Calling Champion Kelley Powers hunts with his family on the farm he grew up on and shares their stories while they bring down mallards, wood [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Higdon Timber”

Higdon Timber Higdon Outdoors TV There's nothing like hunting in the timber. Join the Higdon crew on their farm as the ducks drop in on dozens of motion decoy and a spread like you've [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Final Flight Part 1”

Final Flight Part 1 Higdon Outdoors TV Kelley Powers is a world champion goose caller, champion of champions, co-owner of Final Flight Outfitters and founder of Power Calls. Learn how he got his start [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Forged In Fire”

Forged In Fire Higdon Outdoors TV Mark Higdon changed the waterfowl industry by introducing the first ever motion goose decoy in 1994. Since then the Higdon family has continued to innovate and change the [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Bragging Rights Part 3”

Bragging Rights Part 3 Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew closes out an epic series of hunts for bragging rights with all the ducks you can handle in the field followed up by Boone's [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Bragging Rights Part 2”

Bragging Rights Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV THe Higdon crew continues their late October trip to Alberta in part two of Bragging Rights. They drop absolutely HUGE groups of ducks and geese right in [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Bragging Rights Part 1”

Bragging Rights Part 1 Higdon Outdoors TV Northern Alberta. Late October. Three teams. Three different hunting environments. One winner takes home bragging rights. Don't miss this three-part series as the Higdon crew tries to [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Alberta”

Alberta Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew heads to Alberta late in the season and find themselves in the middle of HUGE groups of ducks on the water, and the first signs of migrating [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Lessers Is More”

Lessers Is More Higdon Outdoors TV Lessers may be smaller geese, but there's nothing small about the huge groups that the Higdon crew take down this week with Dry Creek Outfitters. Kelley Powers shares [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Pivot”

Pivot Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew arrives on the dusty border of Texas and Oklahoma to battle dust storms and wind gusts up to 35 mph with Dry Creek Outfitters. Watch as they [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Death Valley”

Death Valley Higdon Outdoors TV This will be the most unorthodox hunt you'll ever see. The Higdon crew loses permission on the field they've scouted for three days and are forced to hunt a [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “The Higdon Farm”

The Higdon Farm Higdon Outdoors TV When you own a decoy company you better have the most impressive spread around and a place to show it off. Introducing the Higdon Farm. More than 50 [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Strike Fast”

Strike Fast Higdon Outdoors TV When the Higdon crew needs to disappear they pull out the Fast Strike blinds, and these ducks don't know what hit 'em. Watch as they take down a huge [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Down The Line”

Down The Line Higdon Outdoors TV Mallards, Wigeons, Pintails and Teal all in one! November in Saskatchewan may not seem like the ideal time to hunt, but the Higdon Crew wipes the floor with [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Family Affair”

Family Affair Higdon Outdoors TV There's nothing like hunting with family. Corey Cook brings his five-year-old son Hunter to the field while the Higdon crew takes down some Canadas. Limits drop fast so the [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Towhead Part 2”

Towhead Part 2 Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew continues their hunt with Team Towhead at Half Moon. Watch as they take down a mixed bag over one of the largest decoys spreads you'll [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Bosh Jrugsmans”

Bosh Jrugsmans Higdon Outdoors TV Sometimes the only thing harder than tricking birds is trying to talk. The Higdon crew crushes some Canadas as Boone struggles to pronounce someone's name. [...]

Higdon Outdoors TV “Return to Reelfoot”

Return to Reelfoot Higdon Outdoors TV The Higdon crew heads back to historic Reelfoot Lake to hunt one of the best timber holes you'll find anywhere. Boone and Kelley Powers meet a kid who [...]