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Hosted by Scott Butz, HEVI-Shot TV takes you across North America in search of the best waterfowl action you can find. From fields of mallards in North Dakota, to snow goose tornadoes in Missouri, there’s no telling where Scott might be next!


Hevi-Shots TV “Snow Advisory”

Snow Advisory Hevi-Shots TV As the miles add up and the weather worsens, Scott Butz and crew grind out some great hunts in tough conditions.

Hevi-Shots TV “O Canada”

O Canada Hevi-Shots TV Scott Butz joins the Southern Lite LED crew and old friends in Saskatchewan chasing the fall snow goose migration.

Hevi-Shots TV “Grinding It Out”

Grinding It Out Hevi-Shots TV Scott Butz and crew log hundreds of miles across Saskatchewan to find the giant snow goose feeds every waterfowl hunter dreams about.

Hevi-Shots TV “Hevi-Shot”

Hevi-Shot Hevi-Shots TV See how the best shells in the business are made as Boone travels to Hevi-Shot's headquarters in Sweet Home, Oregon. Then we bring the Hevi-Shot crew to the Higdon farm to [...]

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