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The Gunwerks crew raises the bar in their pursuit of all things long range. From the snow-capped peaks of Alaska to the plains of the Great Karoo in South Africa our Gunners prove that taking game at long range is not only possible but, when done right, can be ethical as well.


Gunwerks Long Range “Mikes California Slam”

Gunwerks Long Range "Mikes California Slam" -- Gunwerks Gunners Aaron and Mike Davidson travel to California to take a crack at Tule Elk and Blacktail deer. See how the No Lead state treats these long range hunters who have no experience judging the trophy quality on these two species.

Gunwerks Long Range “Ibex Escalation”

Gunwerks Long Range "Ibex Escalation" -- One of the few places you can hunt Ibex in this hemisphere is the Florida Mountains in New Mexico. Gunwerks Gunner Landon Michaels is one of the lucky few to draw the tag. These incredibly steep mountains pose a massive challenge when it comes to actually getting an Ibex within range.

Gunwerks Long Range “Miss Erin in Middle Earth”

Gunwerks Long Range "Miss Erin in Middle Earth" -- Miss Erin Mikes wife is with him in New Zealand. She is in the Hunt for a Stag to hang in their trophy room. Shes also got her eye on a Himalayan Tahr. Zion Pilgrim of Wilderness Quest is there to lead the way.

Gunwerks Long Range “A Twist of Fate”

Gunwerks Long Range "A Twist of Fate" -- Mike Davidson dreams of monster mule deer. He and long time hunting buddy Jeremy Winters have an opportunity to hunt eastern Wyoming with legitimate expectations to find a 200 incher in the sage brush breaks of the powder river. A real twist leads to an unexpected conclusion for both Mike and Jeremy.

Gunwerks Long Range “Moose Match”

Gunwerks Long Range "Moose Match" -- Two Gunwerks Gunners draw moose tags at the same time. CEO Aaron Davidson draws a brand new moose area in Colorado while Dustin Wittwer heads to Utah in this moose hunting doubleheader.

Gunwerks Long Range “Stag…Nation”

Gunwerks Long Range "Stag...Nation" -- Mike Davidson and his wife Erin are with Gunwerks customers Randy and John in New Zealand. Its a busy time with Red Stag Himalayan Tahr and Chamois on the list.

Gunwerks Long Range “Dagga Boy Down”

Gunwerks Long Range "Dagga Boy Down" -- Gunwerks founder Aaron Davidson unveils the prototype for a new dangerous game rifle called the Skuhl. Follow Aaron and a guest hunter as they take the new heavy hitting rifle into the African bush in search of Cape Buffalo.

Gunwerks Long Range “11th Year 11th Hour – Hawks Wyoming Elk”

Gunwerks Long Range "11th Year 11th Hour - Hawks Wyoming Elk" -- Garrett affectionately known as Hawk by his younger brother who joins him on this hunt has waited 11 years to draw a Wyoming Elk Tag. After the long wait hes not about to go home without looking over his options. Tune in to see what the 11th hour of this hunt hold for ol Hawk.

Gunwerks Long Range “A-Tip Adventures”

Gunwerks Long Range "A-Tip Adventures" -- Gunwerks is in New Mexico with Long Range University. Landon Michaels draws the lucky number and gets an Antelope tag to fill. Hes been researching the New A-Tip from Hornady and wants to see what its capable of.

Gunwerks Long Range “Big Dreams in BC”

Gunwerks Long Range "Big Dreams in BC" -- Sheep Shape alumni and cancer survivor Chad Hall heads to British Columbia with a tag to punch for a rocky mountain bighorn sheep. Let the adventure begin!

Gunwerks Long Range “Hunting Mule Deer South of the Border”

Gunwerks Long Range "Hunting Mule Deer South of the Border" -- Aaron and Mike get the now rare opportunity to hunt mule deer together. And to make things extra special its in Mexico! This is a must see episode of Long Range Pursuit. And Just in time for Deer Week!

Gunwerks Long Range “Kudu Fever”

Gunwerks Long Range "Kudu Fever" -- Aaron and Garrett head to South Africa with John X Safaris. Carl has a Kudu concession that has not been hunted in many many years. Their hopes are high as they embark on what Garrett calls the African version of a mule deer hunt.

Gunwerks Long Range “Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride”

Gunwerks Long Range "Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride" -- Randsom has guided Elk hunters for 25 years and guided his clients to many trophy elk. However to date he has never taken a mature trophy bull elk himself. Today that all changes as Randsom is in Wyoming with wood river outfitters. No longer the Guide but the Guided!

Gunwerks Long Range “California Dreamin”

Gunwerks Long Range "California Dreamin" -- The Tejon Ranch is a unique elk hunter paradise with over a quarter-million contiguous private acres located an hour East of Los Angles CA. Chad Fraughton has the coveted opportunity to hunt one of America's most intensely managed elk herds. His lifelong quest of tagged a 400 bull comes to fruition with a 414 typical 6x6.

Gunwerks Long Range “James Vs The Eastern Cape”

Gunwerks Long Range "James Vs The Eastern Cape" -- A relative newcomer to Team Gunwerks James Christiansen tackles the terrain and climate of the Great Karoo in South Africa. John X Safaris and Carl Van Zyl are there to make sure his first experience in Africa is a memorable one.

Gunwerks Long Range “Aoudad Hunting Gunwerks Style”

Aoudad Hunting Gunwerks Style Gunwerks Long Range Texas pro and Gunwerks Gunner, Randsom Owens joins James Christiansen and Gunwerks customer, Rene Cervantes in south Texas to hunt aoudad. The terrain and weather ensure that [...]

Gunwerks Long Range “James Vs the Great Karoo”

James Vs the Great Karoo Gunwerks Long Range A relative newcomer to Team Gunwerks James Christiansen tackles the terrain and climate of the Great Karoo in South Africa. John X Safaris and Carl Van [...]

Gunwerks Long Range “Why Shoot a Muzzleloader?”

Why Shoot a Muzzleloader? Gunwerks Long Range Gunwerks Gunners, Garrett, and Kregg have had tremendous fortune hunting in Kansas. This year they bring the new Gunwerks Muzzleloader along to prove its quality in the [...]

Gunwerks Long Range “Olivias Marco Polo”

Olivias Marco Polo Gunwerks Long Range Olivia and Tom Opre head to Kyrgyzstan in search of Marco Polo. When heading on the hunt of a lifetime you leave nothing to chance. They start by [...]

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