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In this hunting and fishing TV show, get up close and personal with some of the best guides in the region and around the world. Learn how to make the most of your time in the field and on the water. Hunting and fishing TV show host—Gary Lewis, takes you there with an exciting story-driven outdoor show.


Frontier Unlimited “Texas Wild Boar”

Texas Wild Boar Frontier Unlimited It's the start of a 3-day hunt in on the Thumbtack Ranch in southwest Texas and the Frontier Unlimited team has their sights set on hogs. [...]

Frontier Unlimited “Buoy 10 Salmon”

Buoy 10 Salmon Frontier Unlimited Skookumchuck is the old word for strong water. The Frontier Unlimited crew tells the story of a lost trade language while fishing the Columbia for salmon. [...]

Frontier Unlimited “Wyoming Pronghorn”

Wyoming Pronghorn Frontier Unlimited In the Moon of Drying Grass, with the first snow on the ground, follow Gary Lewis in search of the pronghorn for a hunt in the Haystack Mountains. [...]

Frontier Unlimited “Utah Cutthroat Slam”

Utah Cutthroat Slam Frontier Unlimited Into the high country in Utah with fly rods, when the snows have receded to open up some of the best fly-fishing rivers. Follow Gary Lewis as he tries [...]

Frontier Unlimited “Gates of Haast”

Gates of Haast Frontier Unlimited Into the Land of the Long White Cloud, Gary Lewis carries a 22 Nosler in pursuit of chamois, an antelope that makes its home in the Southern Alps. [...]

Frontier Unlimited “Salmon is King”

Salmon is King Frontier Unlimited Trolling for saltwater spring kings in British Columbia on the first day of summer. Follow Gary Lewis to Kyuquot on Vancouver Island.

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