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Creator Blaine Anthony formed Freedom Fighters back in 2011. He wanted to create a show that not only educated the public on the constitutional freedoms being stolen from us every year, but a show that husband, wife and kids could sit down and watch and there would be something on the show for everyone. Well the result was a smash hit, with a show in a class by itself.


Freedom Fighters “What happened to Jeff?”

What happened to Jeff? Freedom FIghters Tim Harmon from the Military Arms Channel and Blaine do a torture test on a scope. We also find out what happened to Jeff after his infamous arrest. [...]

Freedom Fighters “Covid 19 report”

Covid 19 report Freedom FIghters As the Freedom Fighters are on lockdown from the Coronavirus, Blaine is in the studio with new information regarding COVID 19 and a sneaky little bill that has been [...]

Freedom Fighters “Real News”

Real News Freedom FIghters Blaine and Adam go over the Democratic presidential candidates. This week's Freedom Fighter Flashback, we go way back to when Jeff got arrested.

Freedom Fighters “Full Auto Day”

Full Auto Day Freedom FIghters the Freedom Fighters go over everything full auto. What it takes to own your very own full auto weapon and of course live fire.

Freedom FIghters “Back in the day”

Back in the day Freedom FIghters 2 of the Freedom Fighters have a shooting competition and somebody is going to get pepper-sprayed. Then Adam shows you how to refinish your own worn outgun, and [...]

Freedom Fighters “350 Legend”

350 Legend Freedom FIghters Blaine and Adam go over the new 350 Legend and what that caliber is all about. Then Adam does a review of .22 caliber pistols, and you won't want to [...]

Freedom Fighters “Frankengun”

Frankengun Freedom FIghters Jeff goes over a fully automatic "Frankengun" he built. We re-hash the ghost gun. Blaine and Adam go over the advantages of the new 350 legends.

Freedom Fighters “MAC”

MAC Freedom Fighters Tim from Military Arms Channel is a special guest. Eden Rose goes over one over her favorite guns and a whole lot more!

Freedom Fighters “We’re back in 2020”

We're back in 2020 Freedom FIghters Freedom Fighters is back after a 4 year hiatus of being forced to shut down. Freedom Fighters speaks the truth with no regard to backlash. Well after being [...]

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