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Just another fishing show? Absolutely not… Curtis spends time with the locals, tours the communities learning about the culture and shares this with his viewers. He loves making people laugh – even if they are laughing at him. Join the crew as they capture the essence of what has been coined “Reality Fly Fishing.”

Fly Rod Chronicles shares Curtis’ love of fly fishing and the great outdoors but also has the ability to share a message. You might find the FRC Crew fly fishing with wounded soldiers while recounting their story. Curtis Fleming has a passion for people and a respect their stories. He shares those stories and messages throughout his Fly Rod Chronicles.


Fly Rod Chronicles “Curtis Goes Back to School for the Day”

Fly Rod Chronicles "Curtis Goes Back to School for the Day" -- FRC heads to Bowden Fish Hatchery in Elkins WV to check out all the upgrades that the WVDNR has recently done to make it the most advanced hatchery in the state. Then Curtis and the FRC Crew meet up with some students to educate them on the art of Fly Fishing and teach them a little bit about the DNR.

Fly Rod Chronicles “Fly Fishing Chama with Team Toothman”

Fly Rod Chronicles "Fly Fishing Chama with Team Toothman" -- Curtis meets up with father and son owners of Toothman Ford in Grafton WV to fly out west to Chama New Mexico to stay at The Lodge at Chama to do some High Mountain Fly Fishing. This is one heartfelt father and son fishing trip you won’t want to miss.

Fly Rod Chronicles “The Total Fly Fishing Package in Cass WV PT1”

Fly Rod Chronicles "The Total Fly Fishing Package in Cass WV PT1" -- Curtis and his wife Shelly travel to historic Cass West Virginia to hop on a steam engine train to Bald Knob. They meet up with Skip and travel by horseback to a remote fire tower for an overnight stay before some backcountry fly fishing!

Fly Rod Chronicles “Curtis Takes on the Upper Gauley River in WV!”

Fly Rod Chronicles "Curtis Takes on the Upper Gauley River in WV!" -- Its gauley season on the world renowned waters of the Upper Gauley River in Fayetteville West Virginia. The autumn leaves are at their peak when Curtis travels down Route 79 to chase some smallmouth bass. Not only does Curtis catch some perfect smallmouth bass on the fly he decides he is up to the challenge to raft one of the countrys most anticipated rafting trip. Adventures on the Gorge hosted the FRC crew as they experienced an adrenaline rush like no other as the recreational whitewater release left their hearts racing. As coveted as the gauley season is to the rafting communities the country music community covetsthe talents of Nashvilles Country Music Artist George Shingleton. In honor of the West Virginia State Troopers who protect and serve the mountaineers of West Virginia George hosted a private concert to honor them for their service.

Fly Rod Chronicles “Houdini On The Fly in WV”

Fly Rod Chronicles "Houdini On The Fly in WV" -- Curtis and good friend Chad hike the wilderness of the West Virginia Mountains to chase the Native Brook Trout and Wild Rainbow and Brown Trout on the Fly. There has been one fish Houdini that has eluded Curtis for several years, so the Crew hikes back in hoping to get a shot at Houdini.

Fly Rod Chronicles “Curtis vs the WV Musky”

Fly Rod Chronicles "Curtis vs the WV Musky" -- Curtis has caught over 200 species on the fly. The WV Musky is the one fish that has eluded Curtis for many years and taken him all over the beautiful state of WV. Is this the year he finally catches one?

Fly Rod Chronicles “FRC in Seychelles”

Fly Rod Chronicles "FRC in Seychelles" -- Curtis along with his youngest daughter Autumn and longtime friend Rick Heim travel half-way across the world to the Seychelles Islands to check off some bucket list fish on the fly. Alphonse Fishing Company and their staff not only spoils the Crew, with flawless guidance the put them in position to throw a fly at some of the most epic fish in the world! The adventures in the Seychelles Islands will never leave the fond memories of the entire crew of FRC.

Fly Rod Chronicles “WV Bugs On Slaty”

WV Bugs On Slaty Fly Rod Chronicles Let’s Go! Mountaineers echoed in Curtis’ head as he takes Evan Staley, WVU’s award-winning kicker, with him on a road trip rambling on those country roads through [...]

Fly Rod Chronicles “North Georgia On The Fly”

North Georgia On The Fly Fly Rod Chronicles Like many other treasured annual events, the Westervelt Ecological Services Conservation Fly Fishing trip was cancelled. The amazing folks from Westervelt weren’t about to let COVID [...]

Fly Rod Chronicles “Golden Dorado on the Fly”

Golden Dorado on the Fly Fly Rod Chronicles Predatory freshwater fish with sharp teeth and powerful jaws becomes a bucket list check-off as Curtis journeys to South America to experience the fierce tug of [...]

Fly Rod Chronicles “Floating The Greenbrier”

Floating The Greenbrier Fly Rod Chronicles Curtis is a patient man, but seventeen years is a long time to wait for such an incredible hatch. The 17-year Brood X Cicada Hatch was popping on [...]

Fly Rod Chronicles “Cabin Fever on the Elk”

Cabin Fever on the Elk Fly Rod Chronicles After a long winter and spring approaching plus the pandemic of 2020 Curtis, his daughter Autumn and WVU kicker Evan Staley go down to Elk Springs [...]

Fly Rod Chronicles “Remembering John Bass”

Remembering John Bass Fly Rod Chronicles On this episode of Fly Rod Chronicles we pay tribute to Curts good buddy John Bass, John Bass was confined to a wheelchair at a young age but [...]

Fly Rod Chronicles “Fly Fishing the Seychelles”

Fly Fishing the Seychelles Fly Rod Chronicles This week on Fly Rod Chronicles Curtis, his daughter Autumn and buddy Rick Heim remain in the Seychelles Islands with Alphonse Fishing Company to go after multiple [...]

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