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An Idea is Born: In the skyline of Manhattan, lies one of the best fisheries in the world. Capt. Frank Crescitelli is a self-made fishing kingpin and New York native. As a successful shop owner, lure designer, charter captain, tournament fisherman, and philanthropist Frank works a never ending schedule to make a living chasing fish.As an owner of 4 fishing related businesses, a family, and the next bite around the corner Frank puts it all on the line to do the unthinkable, to chase world records.


Fin Chasers “Mako Mania and Tuna Blues”

Mako Mania and Tuna Blues Fin Chasers Captain Frank fishes in one of the largest shark tournaments in the Northeast. An unexpected bluefin bite during pre fishings has the Fin Chasers crew on their [...]

Fin Chasers “Plan C”

Plan C Fin Chasers Weather keeps the Finchasers team from going out but they discover an unknown inshore fishery in the Dominican Republic for Tarpon.

Fin Chasers “Smokey Mtn Showdown”

Smokey Mtn Showdown Fin Chasers Frank fishes with Florida tarpon guide Captain Alissa Vinoski for world record trout in the smokey mountains of North Carolina.