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Our vision for Father & Son Outdoors is to give us, as fathers, the opportunity to instill in our youth, a love of the outdoors, while their parents are proudly serving our country. By taking these youth on a professional outdoor adventure, we are keeping the love of the outdoors in their hearts until their parents are home to share these special moments with them.


Father and Son Outdoors “”Wintertime Sheepshead””

"Wintertime Sheepshead" Father and Son Outdoors Captain Joe Dennis along with good friends Captain James Lavanway with Reel Fishfinder charters, Ritt Ritter and Citadel graduate Rush Perkins catch sheepshead off the Charleston coast. [...]

Father and Son Outdoors “Alabama River Cats”

Alabama River Cats Father and Son Outdoors Captain Joe Dennis, BnM pro staffer Jody Atkins and the Pursuit Channel guys, Zac Williams and Wesley Gibson, target blue cats on the Alabama River. [...]

Father and Son Outdoors “Crappie Madness”

Crappie Madness Father and Son Outdoors Captain Joe Dennis along with U.S Navy veteran TC Lloyd and professional crappie pro Matt Outlaw spends a great day on Lak Marion catching summertime crappie. [...]

Father and Son Outdoors “Crappie on Lake Wateree”

Crappie on Lake Wateree Father and Son Outdoors Captain Joe Dennis and Father-Son Team Captains Wade and Buster Rush with Bubba Roundtree Outdoors catch a variety of fish trolling on Lake Wateree. Special guests [...]

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