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Elusive Wildlife Television (EWTV) show hosts Chad Stevenson and Scott York have developed an innovative way to hunt the elusive Texas wild hog, under the Kill Light®. Up-close and personal with one of the most feared and destructive animals in North America, EWTV is a high energy show that captures the adrenaline of hunting close quarters in the dead of night. Light up the sky and let the arrows fly!


Elusive Wildlife “Nocona Predators”

Elusive Wildlife "Nocona Predators" -- John Reed heads north to meet up with the Nobiles for some North Texas predator hunting. High rack hunting open cattle pastures and crop fields the EWT crew hope to light up some hungry predators.

Elusive Wildlife “Curly”

Elusive Wildlife "Curly" -- After a short lived cold front passes Chad heads back to one of his favorite ground blind setups to tough out the late October Texas heat in hopes of getting a crack at one of his hit list bucks this season.

Elusive Wildlife “Wacky Weather”

Elusive Wildlife "Wacky Weather" -- An early cold front brings rain wind and falling temps.The change sets the stage for some serious deer movement and puts a buck the guys named Wacky in bow range for Scott. Everything is moving as the first taste of fall rolls into the Texas Hill Country.

Elusive Wildlife “Nevada Predators”

Elusive Wildlife "Nevada Predators" -- Elusive Wildlife Predator Hunting guru Kirk McKendree heads west to Nevada to try his luck at some wary coyotes. Hunting open country on a mix of public and private ground Kirk is able to coax some wary dogs in just a little too close for their own good.

Elusive Wildlife “Elevated Opportunities”

Elusive Wildlife "Elevated Opportunities" -- Getting up just a little higher can make a big difference when whitetail hunting. Chad Stevenson shows how two archery setups one from tree stand and one from a elevated blind both produce trophy whitetail bucks that never knew what hit them.

Elusive Wildlife “Blinded by Success”

Elusive Wildlife "Blinded by Success" -- The pop up ground blind has changed the way we hunt. Whether you are a fan of them or not they are deadly effective if used the right way. Chad and Scott discuss ground blind setups for both whitetail and hogs and their best tactics for harvesting trophy animals from them.

Elusive Wildlife “It is All About the Lights”

Elusive Wildlife "It is All About the Lights" -- The adrenaline rush of hunting hogs at night takes pig hunting to a whole new level. Chad and Scott explain how to properly light up a setup for night hunting as well as discuss what to avoid and how to maximize success while hunting after dark.

Elusive Wildlife “Where is the Rain”

Where is the Rain Elusive Wildlife Chad encounters one of his best bucks ever, but struggles with changing weather conditions make closing the deal harder than anyone would have anticipated. [...]

Elusive Wildlife “No Tracking Required”

No Tracking Required Elusive Wildlife Its hot, its thick and the lights are burning bright. The ideal scenario for Scott to drop big boars in their tracks with his rifle under the Outfitter. [...]

Elusive Wildlife “Tough Way to Go”

Tough Way to Go Elusive Wildlife Its not getting any easier! The abundance of acorns force Chad and Scott to continue their divide and find strategy, but will it work? [...]

Elusive Wildlife “Whitetail Logic”

Whitetail Logic Elusive Wildlife A season of questions begins as trail cam photos reveal hit list bucks have become ghosts. Success will depend on some creative changes to Chad and Scotts strategies. [...]

Elusive Wildlife “Swine Tech”

Swine Tech Elusive Wildlife Technology and techniques come together as Chad and Scott shed some light on what makes their hog setups successful night after night.

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