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We grant outdoor dream adventures to children and youth under 21 years of age who face some of life’s toughest challenges.


Dream Makers “Hunting for Giants”

Dream Makers "Hunting for Giants" -- On this episode of Dream Makers we are chasing monsters! Our first recipient Jacob will get to fulfill his dream of hunting for a giant bull Moose in North Dakota! Then we will join Brody, who is new to hunting but has the big dream of taking a big ol trophy whitetail buck! These are a couple of firsts that you dont want to miss!

Dream Makers “The Ultimate Colorado Elk Hunt!”

Dream Makers "The Ultimate Colorado Elk Hunt!" -- On this episode of Dream Makers a culmination of volunteers and donors come together to give our recipient the absolute hunt of a lifetime! First we join Dustin on an intense spot n stalk hunt for an Elk followed by a good old fashioned Prairie Dog shoot!

Dream Makers “Triple Hunt Extravaganza”

Dream Makers "Triple Hunt Extravaganza" -- For this season finale of Dream Makers we are bringing you THREE hunts in one episode! We start off with a young man named Keegan whos dream is to hunt for one of the largest animals in North America, and it’s a chase you wont want to miss! Next we have O.A.F. star Gabe back for his first Turkey hunt! Join in on this memory and see what these outdoor adventures can do for recipients like Gabe. Lastly, we follow returning hunter Jamison on a spot and stalk North Dakota Elk rut hunt of epic portions out on the 4K Ranch.

Dream Makers “Hunting with a Legend!”

Hunting with a Legend! Yes,Dream Makers On this Episode of Dream Makers we’re going to be hunting on opposite ends of the country! First we’re meeting up with a recipient named Cole who will [...]

Dream Makers “Never Say Never”

Never Say Never Dream Makers On this weeks episode of Dream Makers we’re going on two separate North Dakota hunts for 2 very different species. First we join Bret on his very first turkey [...]

Dream Makers “Muley Buck Fever!”

Muley Buck Fever! Dream Makers On this episode of Dream Makers The Outdoor Adventure Foundation is taking two recipients on back to back mule deer hunts! First we head to a snow covered North [...]

Dream Makers “Thanking Our Veterans”

Thanking Our Veterans Dream Makers On this episode of Dream Makers we show our veterans our appreciation by taking them on their very own outdoor adventures! First we head out to a remote lake [...]

Dream Makers “The Grand Slam”

The Grand Slam Dream Makers Today on Dream Makers its all about the gobble! Were going on two different turkey hunts in two regions of the country. First, we head south to join up [...]

Dream Makers “The Big and The Small”

The Big and The Small Dream Makers On this episode of Dream Makers we hunt for one of the smallest game animals and one of the largest! We start out with a recipient named [...]

Dream Makers “No Such Thing as Impossible”

No Such Thing as Impossible Dream Makers On this episode of Dream Makers we will be going on two exciting hunts with two special recipients. First we will be joining a young lady named [...]

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