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Avid bow-hunter, Kenneth Tallent, and dangerous game hunter, Paul Cater, along with various friends will be hunting across the world, in search of their next heart-pounding hunt.  Join the Double Lung crew as they travel from state to state, country to country, and continent to continent – always looking to double lung.


Double Lung TV “Whitetail Extravaganza”

Whitetail Extravaganza Double Lung TV Show Producer, Jeron Detty, hosts this week's episode showcasing whitetail hunts that Double Lung has gathered over the years but never released.

Double Lung TV “Gsell’s Whitetails”

Gsell's Whitetails Double Lung TV Show host, Paul Cater, along with Teresa and Justin, head to Gsell's Whitetails in Pennsylvania looking to harvest big whitetail deer.

Double Lung TV “New Zealand”

New Zealand Double Lung TV The Double Lung crew heads to Alpine Hunting with Shane Quinn in New Zealand. From blind hunting to helicopter hunting, show hosts, Kenneth Tallent and Paul Cater, set their [...]

Double Lung TV “Africa – Part Two”

Africa - Part Two Double Lung TV Show host, Kenneth Tallent, with producer, Jeron Detty, and friend, Huntter Byrd, continue their hunt in Africa. You'll see game stretching from impala to kudu. [...]

Double Lung TV “Rio and Ghould’s Turkey”

Rio and Ghould's Turkey Double Lung TV Show host, Paul Cater, along with producer Jeron Detty, search or rio turky in Texas, later to meet up with show host, Kenneth Tallent, in Mexico to [...]

Double Lung TV “Black Bear”

Black Bear Double Lung TV Show host, Kenneth Tallent, along with producer, Jeron Detty, head to Dare to Hyde in Fairfield, North Carolina, in hopes of harvesting giant black bear. [...]

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