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Avid bow-hunter, Kenneth Tallent, and dangerous game hunter, Paul Cater, along with various friends will be hunting across the world, in search of their next heart-pounding hunt.  Join the Double Lung crew as they travel from state to state, country to country, and continent to continent – always looking to double lung.


Double Lung TV “Alaskan Moose Hunting”

Double Lung TV "Alaskan Moose Hunting" -- After being offered to participate in the hunt of a lifetime show producer Jeron Detty and show guest Chris Butler head to the Alaskan wilderness in search of moose.

Double Lung TV “The Dynamic Duo”

Double Lung TV "The Dynamic Duo" -- The Dynamic Duo Paul and Teresa are with Alpine Hunting in New Zealand hunting together in search of various big game

Double Lung TV “Ed Dettys Tribute – Part 2”

Ed Dettys Tribute - Part 2 Double Lung TV Show producer, Jeron Detty, recalls his fathers past hunts. Watch the father/son duo hunt aoudad in Texas. Jerons son, Rucker, hunts turkey with his Poppy. [...]

Double Lung TV “Alaskan Dall Sheep”

Alaskan Dall Sheep Double Lung TV Show host, Kenneth Tallent, makes the trek to Healy, Alaska, in search of mature dall sheep in the Alaskan mountain ranges with Midnight Sun Safaris. [...]

Double Lung TV “Gsells Whitetails 2020”

Gsells Whitetails 2020 Double Lung TV Show host, Paul Cater, heads to Gsells Whitetails with his son, Brandon. Show producer, Jeron Detty, brings his son, Rucker, as well. Paul, Brandon, and Rucker have their [...]

Double Lung TV “Somerby Safaris”

Somerby Safaris Double Lung TV Show hosts, Kenneth Tallent and Paul Cater, along with Teresa Russell, are in South Africa in search of various species to hunt in the day and night. [...]

Double Lung TV “African Plains”

African Plains Double Lung TV Show host, Paul Cater, along with Teresa Russell are in Africa hunting with Somerby Safaris in search of plains game and small cats.

Double Lung TV “The Kalahari”

The Kalahari Double Lung TV Show host, Kenneth Tallent, heads to the Kalahari in South Africa in search for a prized big cat and plains game.

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