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From humble beginnings and the dirt in the southern wind, a soldier was born. When other kids thought bungee jumping or snow boarding were extreme sports, there was a young man that saw things differently. With years of trusting instincts and studying his quarry with due diligence, a soldier rose up to the top of the food chain, he is the Dog Soldier, he is Steve Criner. Steve Criner’s Dog Soldier TV brings you outdoor reality television like you have never seen before. With brutal honesty and humble character, Dog Soldier TV will take you on an exciting quest, as Steve Criner pursues the many predatory species of North America. Turn on…Tune In…Get Hooked!


Dog Soldier “Texas Handcalling Championship”

Texas Handcalling Championship Dog Soldier The Dogsoldier and friends are hunting the Texas Handcalling Championship, and afterwards they head off to some secret spots to clean up on all sorts of critters. [...]

Dog Soldier “Famous Justrice”

Famous Justrice Dog Soldier Famous is his name and hand calling predators is his game. Join Steve and Sterling as they hand call coyotes and cats across Texas.

Dog Soldier “Notch in Buckey Truman”

Notch in Buckey Truman Dog Soldier The Dog Soldier is hand calling Wyoming black Bear and things get western when he heats up the barrel on his Grandpa's old lever gun. [...]

Dog Soldier “The Legend Revealed”

The Legend Revealed Dog Soldier The Dog Soldier is revealing his new Legend Series of hand calls to some crafty coyotes above tree line in Colorado, then he shows some Wyoming coyotes the business [...]