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Destination Whitetail is a TV show that investigates the people, places and ways to hunt whitetail throughout North America. In the 43 states that have deer populations, their habitat varies; as do the traditions and methods used to hunt them. The show follows every imaginable type of hunter and weapon used from guns to bows.


Destination Whitetail “Georgia on our Mind”

Georgia on our Mind Destination Whitetail A look into the history of deer hunting in the peach state while following DIY whitetail hunter, Tanner Edenfield as he goes after his biggest buck to date [...]

Destination Whitetail “Florida”

Florida Destination Whitetail Dan Schmidt, the editor and chief of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine head down to Florida to do his part in helping with the local Hog epidemic. [...]

Destination Whitetail “Nebraska”

Nebraska Destination Whitetail We profile the hunting opportunities that abound in Nebraska. The sandhills are featured with a recent crossbow hunt with Brad Fenson.

Destination Whitetail “Texas Triumph”

Texas Triumph Destination Whitetail Brittany Glaze heads to Texas with a chance to do some real damage to the hog population…but what she ends up with surprises even her.