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This weekly half-hour program broadcasts from January through June of each year. Conservation and private land stewardship is championed on this show. Each week Keith showcases one of our countries family farms. These farmers share their “modern day” farming success stories with our audience as they embrace the rural lifestyle that is sought by so many Americans.


Deer & Wildlife Stories “The Dream is Alive at Limitless Genetics”

Deer & Wildlife Stories "The Dream is Alive at Limitless Genetics" -- Today Keith is visiting Limitless Genetics in Texas. This deer farm is owned by Jesse and Mia Boger who happen to be about the youngest deer farmers in the deer industry. So how do young deer farmers get noticed? They grow some of the industry’s biggest bucks. You’ll see incredible bucks like Dynamic, Inception, Brain Freeze, Chaos and SouthPaw. We’ll also visit with Mia about bottle feeding fawns and the important steps to make sure it is done correctly.

Deer & Wildlife Stories “300 Pound Texas Buck – Lone Wolf Whitetails”

Deer & Wildlife Stories "300 Pound Texas Buck - Lone Wolf Whitetails" -- On this episode of “Keith Warren’s Deer and Wildlife Stories”, we will introduce you to a one of a kind deer farmer Chuck Frazier. This man is in a league of his own when it comes to growing not just some of the biggest antlered deer in the Lone Star State, but also the heaviest body buck we’ve ever seen in Texas. Just outside of small central Texas town named Coolidge, we found this deer farm with more than 100 pens and over a thousand animals.

Deer & Wildlife Stories “Spoiled Rotten at G2 Ranch”

Deer & Wildlife Stories "Spoiled Rotten at G2 Ranch" -- Today, we are down in south Texas at the world-famous G2 Ranch.  Starting out with a world-class whitetail breeding operation we filmed some industry giants. Then it’s off to hunt some exotics as well as a dove hunt that rivals Argentina itself! You dont want to miss this exciting episode!

Deer & Wildlife Stories “GIANT WHITETAIL FACTORY”

GIANT WHITETAIL FACTORY Deer & Wildlife Stories We’re back and bigger than ever! Starting at DaVine Genetics, we’re checking in on monster bucks like Solid Gold, Justify, and Overdrive and some new bucks like [...]

Deer & Wildlife Stories “Texas Sized Giants”

Texas Sized Giants Deer & Wildlife Stories Today Deer and Wildlife Stories, is in Coolidge, Texas, at Lone Wolf Whitetails as we cut world-class sized drop tines off a buck. See over 100 pens [...]

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