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Deer and Deer Hunting TV takes you into the blind, tree stand or on the trail of the most popular game animal in North America…the Whitetail Deer.  DDH is much more than hunting though, as we take you inside what make whitetails so interesting, from from habitat to food to safety.  Each week we also include ”Grow em Big”, a segment devoted to land management and making your personal area into a deer utopia.

Deer and Deer Hunting TV is hosted by Dan Schmidt, Editor in Chief of Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine,. Gordy Krahn,, Editor of DDH magazine, Mark Kayser, noted whitetail deer expert, and Steve Bartylla, one of the finest land managers in the country.


Deer and Deer Hunting “Whitetails and Wind”

Whitetails and Wind Deer and Deer Hunting A common myth about big bucks is that they always head for the thickest, nastiest cover when wind speeds exceed seasonal norms. That’s not always true. In [...]

Deer and Deer Hunting “Managing expectations”

Managing expectations Deer and Deer Hunting Unrealistic expectations usually run wild in both hunting and deer management. Although we would all like to see bucks make huge strides in antler development for each year [...]