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Decision Pointe Outdoors is a ministry of GracePointe Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. What started as an idea from Pro-Staffer and Senior Pastor Mark Bishop, grew to a team of Pastors and Decision Pointe Pro-Staffers creating a way to share the Gospel to a community of people who share a similar passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.


Decision Pointe Outdoors “Tribute to Danny”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Tribute to Danny" -- This week, we are headed to sunny Florida and Okeechobee Outfitters. It is Chappys first visit to this location and he will be doing a reunion hunt with two veterans after 10 years apart. The veterans will be hunting gators on this hunt with the Sportsmans Federation founded by Danny and Carla at Okeechobee Outfitters. Finally, several friends and family will pay tribute to Danny after his untimely passing in 2021.

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Midwest Harvest”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Midwest Harvest" -- This week we join Chappy on a hunt in his home state of Kansas for a true whitetail bruiser! Also on this episode Chappy will take us to Missouri to hunt with the top wounded veteran hunting program in the nation Peterson Outdoor Ministries. It is an action packed week filled with several harvests our veterans will not soon forget!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Muley Madness”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Muley Madness" -- This week on Decision Pointe Outdoors we will join Chappy and his daughter Naomi, chasing Mule Deer in Nebraska. Idaho. and Texas. Hunting Nebraska in early September equals a chance at a buck in velvet! While his daughter experiences quick and easy success on a great mule deer buck. Chappy again struggles to punch another tag on the target animal. You will want to hear his story of the effort a dad will go to in order to get his daughter her buck! ... let us just say Chappys got an itch and he will scratch it!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Elk Trials Part 2”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Elk Trials Part 2" -- This week on Decision Pointe Outdoors Chappy is attempting to overcome the trials associated with fulfilling his elk tag. We will join Clint and Chappy on an amazing archery elk hunt return trip to Idaho with a new outfitter. Lastly we will head to the extreme western portion of the state of Texas...that right...I said TEXAS! do some free range elk hunting. Will 2021 be the season for Chappy to finally seal the deal on his elk? Do not miss this episode!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Elk Trials Part 1”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Elk Trials Part 1" -- Welcome to Decision Pointe Outdoors Season 2! On this episode Chappy takes us back to visit his trials while hunting elk over the span of 10 years. We will start with his first trip while bowhunting in Idaho. Later we will conclude this episode with a look at his time behind the camera filming some extremely large bulls in Colorado. While on the final hunt Chappy meets up with a Vietnam Veteran whos out to harvest his largest bull elk and one you will not want to miss.

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Season One Memories”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Season One Memories" -- In this weeks episode well highlight some of our most memorable and best moments on camera over our inaugural season of Decision Pointe Outdoors. While were sad to close out this seasons episodes weve already begun filming for next season and hope this episode will serve as a reminder to you of some great times spent with God enjoying His beautiful Creation The goal of our team is to help introduce not only a great Creation but an even greater Creator who sent his Son Jesus Christ loving you enough to die for you While we highlight some big trophies our greatest trophy this year was the lives impacted by this message

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Its Turkey Time!!”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Its Turkey Time!!" -- This week we join Mark and Bryan as they take their sons to Okeechobee Outfitters chasing Osceola Turkeys. Meanwhile Clint gets it done at home on some Eastern Turkeys. And closing out the episode Chappy sends a couple warriors to hunt the rugged terrain of the Catskill Mountains of New York for Longbeards! Its an actionpacked episode chasing turkeys all over the nation that you wont want to miss!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Iguana Go Hunting?”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Iguana Go Hunting?" -- Iguana Go Hunting? If you wanna enjoy an off-season fast paced hunt for an invasive species in Florida then you wanna hunt Iguanas with OkeeChobee Outfitters. And you wanna watch this episode where Mark takes the Decision Pointe Team with him to enjoy this unique opportunity. The episode will close out with Chappy pursuing free-range Sika Deer on the Eastern Shores of Maryland.

Decision Pointe Outdoors “The Whitetail Swap Chappy Mark reverse roles”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "The Whitetail Swap Chappy Mark reverse roles" -- On this episode of Decision Pointe Outdoors we will ll join Mark and Chappy as they reverse roles with hunting equipment. Mark will pursue whitetail with his bow while Chappy will take a longrange shot on a whitetail. And the action wont stop there as we invite another of our Pastoral Team Members to join us in Georgia hunting whitetail and sharing Jesus.

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Date with the Ladies Doe Patrol”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Date with the Ladies Doe Patrol" -- Join us on this episode as all the staff team up for some Doe Patrol by scheduling a Date with the Ladies. Its important to keep your doe to buck ration in check and hone those skills with some doe hunting! We had so much fun making this episode! Plus who doesnt like a nice haul of venison for the freezer!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Chappy LongFallow A 12 year pursuit comes to a close”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Chappy LongFallow A 12 year pursuit comes to a close" -- After 12 years of seeking a specific colorphased Fallow Deer Chappy finally shoots the one hes been chasing. But the hunts not quite over due to an unfortunate turn of events with a taxidermist. Can he do it again? Also you wont want to miss the special guest young man Gavin and his father Shannon as they pursue Fallow with Chappy on one of his Veteran hunts

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Coast To Coast Bear Hunting”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Coast To Coast Bear Hunting" -- Join our team as we enjoy bear hunting from the East and the West Coast with different styles of hunting and gear Chappy enjoys a rare opportunity to hunt a color-phased bear from a tree stand with his bow. Mark will be hunting in the Virginia/ West Virginia areas using dogs and his Meredith rifle. And our special guest Pastor Mark McClelland also joins us on a bear hunt all on one truly action-packed episode

Decision Pointe Outdoors “An Excess of Axis Hunting”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "An Excess of Axis Hunting" -- Join our team this week as we head to Texas enjoying the excess of axis now roaming the state! Mark will again pursue his trophy from longrange while Chappy and his daughter hunt a unique Axis buck with several abnormal points! It’s going to be a great week in south Texas with Rhino Outdoor Adventures!

Decision Point “Father and Son Gator Hunting”

Predator Quest "Father and Son Gator Hunting" -- This week we join our host, Mark as he takes his son, Wesley to Okeechobee Outfitters in Florida. The two of them will be in pursuit of the predators of the swamp...the Gator! As the two enjoy some time together they are faced with the challenges of a scope bumped in travel and a boat blown out to open water which left them stranded with gators! This trip quickly became the memory of a lifetime for this father and son. Dont miss this episode!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Redemption Series Part 2 Marks Aoudad”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Redemption Series Part 2 Marks Aoudad" -- Join us for a return trip to Texas with our host, Mark Bishop as he seeks redemption on a very challenging long range shot on his Aoudad Ram. During this episode we will also join Chappy and his daughter as they seek to meet the challenge of harvesting Aoudad with a bow at this same location! Its an action packed week of hunting and seeking redemption on a challenging species in rugged terrain!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “Redemption Series Part 1 Chappys Blackbuck”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "Redemption Series Part 1 Chappys Blackbuck" -- Our two part Redemption Series of episodes kicks off with Chappy closing out his Cazador Slam of Exotic species by harvesting a Blackbuck Antelope. Chappy will be joined this week by ProStaff member and Pastor Clint McCoy hunting Blackbuck as well. Everyone has experienced the desire for Redemption on the one that got away, so join us for an exciting start to our Redemption Series!

Decision Pointe Outdoors “The Early Season”

Decision Pointe Outdoors "The Early Season" -- Welcome to Decision Pointe Outdoors! On this episode Pastor Mark Bishop pursues an early season whitetail in full velvet in his home state of Kentucky. We will also travel back a few years to join Jeremiah Catlin known as Chappy as he chases a whitetail giant with his bow in Ohio. We know that Outdoorsmen make critical decisions on every adventure. This show will invite you to make the most crucial decision for God in your life not just your season.

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