Dead Down Wind’s Live The Wild Life2018-11-28T10:46:39-06:00


There is an explorer in all of us. We long to spend our time in the places normal people only dream of. From the tops of mountains to open waters, host Gus Congemi will take you on a journey into the wilderness each and every week. A contractor by trade, host Gus Congemi has learned the time hardened lessons of perseverance and mental and physical toughness. It’s those lessons learned that make Gus who he is today. Dead Down Wind’s Live the Wild Life strives to bring its viewers the most authentic hunting experiences possible. Whether he is scaling a cliff thousands of feet high in search of world class mountain goat or facing down a monster brown bear at only a few yards, you can be sure Gus Congemi will bring you along on all of his wild adventures.


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