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CRCS Outdoors is a unique production as the entire show is filmed, produced and edited by students and teachers at a rural high school CRCS. Cuba-Rushford Central School (CRCS) is located in the forested foothills of upstate western New York. The school offers a fisheries and wildlife curriculum that focuses on natural resource conservation, biology and management of animals from the United States and from around the world. CRCS Outdoors is known for their deer and turkey research where students work along with biologists and technicians to capture, collar and track animals to follow their daily, weekly and seasonal movements.  In addition, the high school also offers trips annually to Alaska (13 years), New Zealand (14 years), South Africa, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas to pursue anything wild. The show is filmed entirely in HD and follows the exploits of different students conducting research on animals, or on their many hunting and fishing trips exposing students to life beyond the schools concrete walls. The CRCS Outdoor’s motto is “making a difference one young hunter at a time.”


CRCS Outdoors “New York State Big Buck!”

New York State Big Buck! CRCS Outdoors Come join the CRCS Outdoors crew as they hunt deer in New York! Featured hunters Brooke Dzara and opening day of the 2018 season along with Stephanie [...]

CRCS Outdoors “Youth Deer Season 2018”

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CRCS Outdoors “Florida Teeth & Hogs 2019”

Florida Teeth & Hogs 2019 CRCS Outdoors Come join the CRCS Outdoors Crew as they pursue management alligators and Florida hogs with Justin Guerry and Gator Glades. Featured this week are Grant Perrigo, Jacob [...]

CRCS Outdoors “Youth Turkey Season 2018”

Youth Turkey Season 2018 CRCS Outdoors Come join the CRCS Outdoors Crew as they pursue Eastern Turkeys with Master Caller Mark Ingram and youth hunters Brett Shaffer & Hunter Jahnke. Bonus bird with Aaron [...]

CRCS Outdoors “Nebraska Turkeys 18”

Nebraska Turkeys 18 CRCS Outdoors Come join the CRCS Crew as they travel to Nebraska to hunt Merriams and Rios with the Washburns! See why we travel 1,300 miles to hunt a turkey! [...]