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Based on the unscripted life surrounding the genetic design, raising and urine collection of 200 whitetail deer at ConQuest Deer Farm, ConQuest 200 TV brings you inside our gates so you can learn about our process.


Conquest 200 “Cutting Antlers”

Cutting Antlers Conquest 200 Doug Roberts will be cutting antlers off the one and a half-year-old bucks, and then heads to Kansas to hunt the early muzzleloader season.

Conquest 200 “Weaning Fawns”

Weaning Fawns Conquest 200 Weaning fawns is a major task. Each fawn gets legally registered and separated from its mother to begin their roll on the farm. Each fawn receives tags in each ear [...]

Conquest 200 “Tagging Fawns”

Tagging Fawns Conquest 200 Join Doug and Karen Roberts at ConQuest Scents and the family deer farm when they give ear tags to the new fawns.

Conquest 200 “Life on a Deer Farm”

Life on a Deer Farm Conquest 200 ConQuest 200 TV brings you inside our gates at ConQuest Deer Farm so you can learn about raising whitetails and collecting hunting scents. This is Life on [...]