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Two time Cabela’s King Kat Angler of the Year Chris Souders ventures through the country in search of the best techniques from the best catfish anglers in this exciting and entertaining show. Catfish Crazywill give the viewer various tips and tricks to help them in their own big cat adventures!


Catfish Crazy “Catching Bait on Wheeler”

Catfish Crazy "Catching Bait on Wheeler" -- Chris teams up with an old friend to teach everyone how to catch skipjack to use as bait. Keep your notebook handy as you will want to take notes on this show.

Catfish Crazy “Roanoke Rapids Wrangling”

Catfish Crazy "Roanoke Rapids Wrangling" -- Chris fishes with a passionate lady angler, Tyra Williams. Chris and Tyra share a lot of information and put some nice blue cats in the boat.

Catfish Crazy “Winnington Wateree”

Catfish Crazy "Winnington Wateree" -- Chris heads to Lake Wateree in South Carolina to fish with Benji Brown. Shallow water anchor fishing for blue cats. They will show you what to look for on your electronics to locate the bait fish and the cats.

Catfish Crazy “Winter on Kerr Lake”

Catfish Crazy "Winter on Kerr Lake" -- Chris fishes with Alan Thomerson on Kerr Lake in Virginia, but this time it is the winter. Chris and Alan use the LiveScope to show you how to catch bait, then put those baits to good use.

Catfish Crazy “Pickwick Dam Pigolas”

Catfish Crazy "Pickwick Dam Pigolas" -- An old guest takes Chris to a unique location to go after the winter blues. Do not miss this one. You will learn more ways to catch those trophy size fish.

Catfish Crazy “Sandusky Bay Channel Cats”

Catfish Crazy "Sandusky Bay Channel Cats" -- Chris goes solo on Sandusky Bay in Ohio to talk about bait patterns and location to put some nice channel cats in the boat. Another highly informational show.

Catfish Crazy “James River Giants”

Catfish Crazy "James River Giants" -- Chris fishes with Adam Cook on the James River in Virginia. Summertime blue cats are the prey of the day. Keep your notebook handy as you will want to take notes on this show.

Catfish Crazy “Ohio River Planer Boards”

Catfish Crazy "Ohio River Planer Boards" -- Chris goes it solo and pulls some planer boards. This show is highly informative with several in-depth explanations on this extremely effective fishing technique.

Catfish Crazy “Kerr Lake Brutes”

Catfish Crazy "Kerr Lake Brutes" -- Chris fishes with Alan Thomerson on Kerr Lake in Virginia. The guys will be dragging for big blue cats on the lake that is home to the current world record blue cat.

Catfish Crazy “Lake Wilson Monsters”

Lake Wilson Monsters Catfish Crazy Host Chris Souders and local guide Mike Mitchell catch some enormous fish on the smallest lake in the Tennessee River chain. You don’t want to miss this one. [...]

Catfish Crazy “Watts Bar Beauties”

Watts Bar Beauties Catfish Crazy Host Chris Souders goes solo on Watts Bar in Tennessee. This unique episode will show you how to catch bait and go through a lock, plus Chris lands a [...]

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