Long Shot TV

Along with their lifelong friendship, hunting and fishing have always played an important role in the lives of the LONGSHOT TV Crew. They love chasing those giant whitetails throughout the Midwest. However, come early September you can find them in the dense woods of their home states of North and South Carolina chasing those early-season velvet bucks with their Mathews bows. Whitetails aren’t the only things on these Southern boys’ hit list. Come Spring time, nothing drives them more than the early-morning sounds of those big eastern gobblers and the afternoon sunsets over the Atlantic as they head back to the dock after a successful day on the coastal waters.

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Fishing and Hunting Texas

One of the oldest television fishing and hunting programs in the nation dedicated to covering the best state in the nation when it comes to fishing and hunting! Fishing and Hunting Texas shares insight into all the outdoors action in the lonestar state.

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USOC Adventures TV

Description US Outdoorsman Central and the Pursuit Channel have aired 6 Trip Winner episodes per year since 2012 that include airfare courtesy of the Pursuit Channel and they air on the USOCAdventures TV Show. We send the trip winners someplace they have never been and in many cases, doing something they have never done in our efforts to promote fishing and [...]

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Wayne Pearson’s Ultimate Outdoors

Description Whether it’s the search for that big game trophy or the sound of drag peeling off a reel after the big one hits the lure, we’ve got you covered on Ultimate Outdoors. Each week we take you on new, action-packed adventures that encompass everything about enjoying the great outdoors. Join us as we set up in [...]

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TQ Direct

Description Join John Wilson and his team TQ as they conduct business as usual. Whether it’s outfitting for one of their lodges, sending clients to world-class destinations or selling products stamped with their retail brand. All based down a dirt road at their southern lodge in Georgia. It’s not just business to TQ …. It’s a lifestyle. [...]

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Texas Boys Outdoors

Description God, Family & Friends is what Texas Boys Outdoors is all about! Join us as we travel up and down the coast and all across the Lone Star State in search of adventure! Episodes

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Ram Trucks Presents The Green Way Outdoors

Description The goal of The Green Way Outdoors is to promote and protect outdoor heritage and conservation through educating, inspiring, entertaining, and simplifying outdoor activities to increase participation for both novice and experienced outdoorsmen and women while demonstrating respect and wholesome values for the blessing and beauty of the natural world. Each episode teaches you a specific [...]

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Trophy Taker Outdoors

Description Tro­phy Taker Outdoors focuses on out­door sports­man news and humor­ in the stu­dio and in the field with com­men­tary pre­sented by radio per­son­al­i­ties, Lee Cepero and Peter Petriw and a few guests. The crew is best known for adven­tures bag­ging big game and fish and telling tales of truth & exag­ger­a­tion, in a per­fect syn­ergy of know- how, laugh­ter, [...]

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Friends In Wild Places

Based on the unscripted life surrounding the genetic design, raising and urine collection of 200 whitetail deer at ConQuest Deer Farm, ConQuest 200 TV brings you inside our gates so you can learn about our process.

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