Gary Roberson, host of CARNIVORE states “It is our goal to bring you a classy, cinematic hunting show with the very best footage of the predators, the places and the folks who pursue them.”  Follow Gary and his cohorts as they predator and hound hunt across the U.S..  3 time Emmy Award winning producer Brian Hawkins’ ability to tell a story proves that there is so much more to hunting than killing critters.  Steve Roberson continues to capture the fantastic footage you see on CARNIVORE TV.  Please watch as CARNIVORE takes predator hunting to the next level.


Carnivore “Arizona Coyotes”

Arizona Coyotes Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson hits an unexpected roadblock on his way to hunt coyotes in Arizona, where he is greeted by an unexpected cheering section.

Carnivore “End of an Era in the Desert”

End of an Era in the Desert Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson returns to his lease in the West Texas Desert one final time to call foxes, a place he's hunted for more than [...]

Carnivore “Lions, Bobcats & Bears Pt. 2”

Lions, Bobcats & Bears Pt. 2 Carnivore Carnivore Gary Roberson continues his screening of footage captured by Navajo native Calvin Redhouse, who packs video gear into some of the most rugged and remote corners [...]

Carnivore “Lions, Bobcats & Bears”

Lions, Bobcats & Bears Carnivore Its Carnivore host Gary Roberson's annual look at hunting footage from Navajo Native/Cameraman Calvin Redhouse. A pack of dogs, 17,000,000 acres in northern Arizona and a video camera in [...]

Carnivore “Navajo Bears”

Navajo Bears Carnivore Legendary Navajo Houndsman Calvin Redhouse leads two hunters into the depths of Northern Arizona Navajo land after black bear.

Carnivore “Too Hog to Handle”

Too Hog to Handle Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson loads up with Mossy Oak Properties Rez Bumpas "The Hog Master" for what starts out as a leisurely hog hunt. They quickly find themselves invading [...]

Carnivore “Navajo Bears”

Navajo Bears Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson hunts bear with Navajo Houndsmen. Only thing is, a bobcat gets in the way.

Carnivore “A Game of Patience”

A Game of Patience Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson calls in both Bobcats and Coyotes in the deep South Texas brush... with unexpected results.

Carnivore “Story of Yuma”

Story of Yuma Carnivore Carnivore Host Gary Roberson gears up for a long night of coon hunting, leaving one of his best dogs behind... the story of Yuma and her incredible encounter with another [...]

Carnivore “Swine Song”

Swine Song Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson takes a country singer on her first hog hunt with hounds. This comes after DeAnna Wendolyn wrote a song about hunting hogs at night, a song that's [...]

Carnivore “Hogs & Hounds”

Hogs & Hounds Carnivore Two teams of hounds and hunters tackle the Texas Hill Country overrun with wild hogs. The unexpected hunters have a run-in with deep water and a huge diamondback rattlesnake. [...]

Carnivore “Into The Dark”

Into The Dark Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson abandons his pick-up truck in the middle of the night, hiking in darkness to go call predators from the ground, using only a headlamp and scope [...]

Carnivore “Rez Hounds”

Rez Hounds Carnivore The remarkable story of a United States Marine, Calvin Redhouse. He grew up on the Navajo reservation, and after returning from 5 combat deployments, took off with his dogs and a [...]

Carnivore “Bulls & Bobcats Part 2”

Bulls & Bobcats Part 2 Carnivore More Bobcats in South Texas, Plus the final day of "Lights Out Bullfighting School", that has a brutal ending nobody expected.

Carnivore “Bulls & Bobcats Part 1”

Bulls & Bobcats Part 1 Carnivore Gary Roberson joins Rodeo Celebrity & Legendary Bullfighter Shorty Gorham for a South Texas Bobcat hunt... and somewhere along the way Shorty introduces us to his "Lights Out" [...]

Carnivore “Crowning Achievements”

Crowning Achievements Carnivore Carnivore Host Gary Roberson Takes two former beauty queens on their first predator calling trip. Only thing is, this is not their first rodeo.

Carnivore “Three of a kind”

Three of a kind Carnivore Gus keeps his hot streak alive while his parents Angela and Flea are both trying to tag some Kansas trophies.