Gary Roberson, host of CARNIVORE states “It is our goal to bring you a classy, cinematic hunting show with the very best footage of the predators, the places and the folks who pursue them.”  Follow Gary and his cohorts as they predator and hound hunt across the U.S..  3 time Emmy Award winning producer Brian Hawkins’ ability to tell a story proves that there is so much more to hunting than killing critters.  Steve Roberson continues to capture the fantastic footage you see on CARNIVORE TV.  Please watch as CARNIVORE takes predator hunting to the next level.


Carnivore “Going Rogue”

Going Rogue Carnivore A side-by-side comparison between current digital calling systems and THE ROGUE, the first Ultrasonic calling system in the world, developed by Carnivore Host Gary Roberson. Because of THE ROGUE, every digital [...]

Carnivore “Looking Back 25 Years”

Looking Back 25 Years Carnivore Carnivore Host Gary Roberson Looks back at "Calling All Varmints", a predator hunting how-to video he hosted 25 years ago.

Carnivore “Dont Count the Kills”

Dont Count the Kills Carnivore In the rugged backcountry of West Texas, Carnivore Host Gary Roberson witnesses something hes never seen in 60 years of predator calling.

Carnivore “Desert Cats”

Desert Cats Carnivore Navajo Houndsman Calvin Redhouse guides and films his hunters after three Mountain Lions and one Bobcat.

Carnivore “Navalone”

Navalone Carnivore Navajo houndsman Calvin Redhouse takes his dogs and video gear through some of the most brutal terrain in America, alone chasing bears, mountain lions and bobcats. Part one of a two part [...]

Carnivore “Worth Every Step”

Worth Every Step Carnivore The journey of a West Texas man who had never hunted before is thrust into the chaotic world of hunting with hounds.

Carnivore “Through Alyssa’s Eyes”

Through Alyssa's Eyes Carnivore Carnivore Host Gary Roberson takes a Texas A&M Coed in Wildlife Biology on her first predator calling trip, only to find out her blindness requires a different tactic. [...]

Carnivore “South Texas Echoes”

South Texas Echoes Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson continues his field testing of the world's most advanced electronic calling system: the "Rogue". Quite a few surprises along the way.

Carnivore “Teaching Hogs a Lesson”

Teaching Hogs a Lesson Carnivore Local School Teacher in Texas sees a Facebook post from Carnivores Gary Roberson after a successful Hog hunt with dogs. She invites the Carnivore Crew to help her with [...]

Carnivore “Field Testing The Rogue”

Field Testing The Rogue Carnivore Gary Roberson unveils the worlds most advanced electronic calling system, the Rogue, the only ultrasonic caller in the world. Gary spent years developing this caller and capturing sounds with [...]

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