Gary Roberson, host of CARNIVORE states “It is our goal to bring you a classy, cinematic hunting show with the very best footage of the predators, the places and the folks who pursue them.”  Follow Gary and his cohorts as they predator and hound hunt across the U.S..  3 time Emmy Award winning producer Brian Hawkins’ ability to tell a story proves that there is so much more to hunting than killing critters.  Steve Roberson continues to capture the fantastic footage you see on CARNIVORE TV.  Please watch as CARNIVORE takes predator hunting to the next level.


Carnivore “Bullfighter/Cat Chaser”

Bullfighter/Cat Chaser Carnivore Legendary Bullfighter Shorty Gorham lets us in the arena for extreme bullfighting action, then chases Bobcats in the South Texas Brush.

Carnivore “First Time Swine”

First Time Swine Carnivore Navajo Lion Hunter/Houndsman Calvin Redhouse comes to Texas for his first wild hog hunt... and he didn't expect three close encounters with Diamondback Rattlesnakes.

Carnivore “Profile of a Hero”

Profile of a Hero Carnivore A look back at a predator hunt with North Carolina State Trooper Kevin Conner, a friend to us here at Carnivore who gave his life in the line of [...]

Carnivore “Navajo Houndsman Part 2”

Navajo Houndsman Part 2 Carnivore (Part 2) Navajo Houndsman & Carnivore Team Member Calvin Redhouse takes his dogs and his video cameras into the vast 17- million acre wilderness of the Navajo Nation. Down [...]

Carnivore “Navajo Houndsman Part 1”

Navajo Houndsman Part 1 Carnivore Navajo Houndsman & Carnivore Team Member Calvin Redhouse takes his dogs and his video cameras into the vast 17-million acre wilderness of the Navajo Nation. Down from the mountains, [...]

Carnivore “West Texas Coyotes”

West Texas Coyotes Carnivore Cold, foggy West Texas and some surprises from the gray horizon as Carnivore Host Gary Roberson revisits an old friend for their annual Coyote hunt.

Carnivore “Arizona Bears”

Arizona Bears Carnivore Two incredible Bear hunts in high altitude Northern Arizona.. A pair of Texas women take bears, each for the first time.

Carnivore “Too Hog to Handle”

Too Hog to Handle Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson loads up with Mossy Oak Properties Rez Bumpas "The Hog Master" for what starts out as a leisurely hog hunt. They quickly find themselves invading [...]

Carnivore “Lions, Bobcats & Bears Pt. 2”

Lions, Bobcats & Bears Pt. 2 Carnivore Carnivore Gary Roberson continues his screening of footage captured by Navajo native Calvin Redhouse, who packs video gear into some of the most rugged and remote corners [...]

Carnivore “Fed up with Ferals”

Fed up with Ferals Carnivore Carnivore host Gary Roberson calls in favor after feral hogs get out of hand. He turns his strategy from brute force and ignorance to high-tech in an attempt to [...]

Carnivore “Lost Tapes Pt. 3”

Lost Tapes Pt. 3 Carnivore The final chapter on Carnivore host Gary Roberson's discovery of a box of old predator hunting video tapes, footage taken years ago and long forgotten. [...]

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