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Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, hosted by Wade Middleton, continues the tradition of showcasing top fishing destinations while featuring educational fishing tips provided by touring pros, guides, and industry representatives.   Every episode features the latest techniques and products available to anglers, ensuring that each show episode is informative for first-time anglers as well as seasoned tournament pros.


Fisherman’s Handbook “The Table Rock Experience”

Fisherman's Handbook "The Table Rock Experience" -- Table Rock Lake is a very popular fishery in Missouri that has played host to some of fishings highest level national tournaments. The highland reservoir features an abundance of rock structure and submerged timber that are home to biting fish year round. Learn more about this impoundment along the White River in southwest Missouri and how to go about catching fish during the early spring months.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Sight Fishing for Springtime Bass”

Fisherman's Handbook "Sight Fishing for Springtime Bass" -- The spring months present some of the best times of the year for anglers to get out on the water and catch bass. Fish are pushing up shallow to spawn and anglers can see the bass as the cruise the shallows and set up on beds. This presents a great opportunity for sight fishing! On this episode we highlight sight fishing and break down how to be successful when targeting bass you can see in the water.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Bass Pro Shops Worlds Fishing Fair”

Fisherman's Handbook "Bass Pro Shops Worlds Fishing Fair" -- 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Bass Pro Shops! Johnny Morris started Bass Pro Shops in the back of his fathers liquor store in Springfield MO in 1972. Today Bass Pro Shops has grown into a brand that makes hunting and fishing more accessible to sportsmen and women around the world. To celebrate this milestone Bass Pro Shops hosted the Worlds Fishing Fair at its Naitonal Headquarters in Springfield MO. The Worlds Fishing Fair is a one-of-a-kind showcase of fishing, boating, conservation, and the great outdoors. It is a five-day celebration of fishing—and all of the people, products, stories, places, traditions and experiences that make it so wonderful. Tune in as we highlight the Springfield Branson MO area and all of the great things happening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bass Pro Shops!

Fisherman’s Handbook “Preparing for a Successful Bass Fishing Trip”

Fisherman's Handbook "Preparing for a Successful Bass Fishing Trip" -- There is a lot of time and effort that goes into preparing for fishing season and a bass fishing trip in particular. From picking out the right line selecting baits and even organizing the boat…there are many different variable that have to be accounted for to ensure a successful outing. On this episode we document how to properly prepare for a trip and go out to execute the gamplan that results in plenty of fish catches.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Swimbain Bassing in Shallow Grass”

Fisherman's Handbook "Swimbain Bassing in Shallow Grass" -- Springtime bass fishing is one of the best times of the year to be out on the water! Temperatures begin warming and bass rush to the shallow to feed up on baitfish and spawn. This presents anglers with a great opportunity to go out and target bass. In this episode host Wade Middleton dials in a specific pattern catching bass on Choke Canyon Reservoir in shallow grass using the Big Bite Baits Finesse Swimmer.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Crappie Fishing”

Fisherman's Handbook "Crappie Fishing" -- Crappie is one of the most popular sport fish that anglers target and it also makes for great table fare. But how exactly do you go about locating and catching these world famous paper mouths? A combination of quality electronics effective baits and a little bit of luck all factor into the success of a crappie fishing trip. Host Wade Middleton along with a cast of others show how you too can catch crappie with ease.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Whats New for Bass Anglers”

Fisherman's Handbook "Whats New for Bass Anglers" -- With each new year come new baits and products for anglers of all skill levels. Baits, clothing electronics fishing name it and there are new products out on the market that will make you a better angler. On this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fishermans Handbook, we will introduce to some of the latest and greatest fishing items available.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Bass Fishing In The Wind”

Fisherman's Handbook "Bass Fishing In The Wind" -- The wind is one variable an angler can’t control when embarking on a fishing trip. During this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, learn about boating safety, decision making, and the ideal baits to use in the wind.


Fisherman's Handbook "POST SPAWN BASS FISHING TACTICS" -- One of the best times of the year to catch a lot of fish is during the post spawn phase. On this episode, host Wade Middleton is fishing Choke Canyon Reservoir during the late springtime as fish are wrapping up the spawn. Learn about the locations, baits, and gear you should be focusing on to catch post spawn bass.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Pond Fishing Adventures”

Fisherman's Handbook "Pond Fishing Adventures" -- Ponds thats where most anglers first learn to fish. These smaller bodies of water offer great angling opportunities as well as a place for someone to quickly escape to and catch a few fish. During the first part of this episode host Wade Middleton is joined by guest Darren Mooneyham as the two embark on an afternoon of pond hopping at Prairie Hill Sporting Club in central Texas.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Springtime Bass Fishing in North Texas”

Fisherman's Handbook "Springtime Bass Fishing in North Texas" -- Each year host Wade Middleton and good buddy Jeff Reynolds pick a few days stretch to travel across the south fishing numerous bodies of water in search of that next bite. Join the duo as they work their way across north Texas catching fish on a variety of baits including topwater frogs and bottom baits while the bass are pushed up shallow to feed and spawn.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Alabama Bass Fishing”

Fisherman's Handbook "Alabama Bass Fishing" -- Alabama has long been one of our favorite bass fishing destinations. On this show, we take a look at several fishing trips we’ve done in this great state in the past at locations such as Pickwick and Wilson Lakes.

Fisherman’s Handbook “Fishing with Clark Wendlandt Bass Master AOY”

Fisherman's Handbook "Inside our Tackle Box with SPRO" -- We head deep inside our tackle box to take a look at the family of baits designed by SPRO. This brand is dedicated to designing, creating, and refining baits that will benefit the angler out on the water. From the new Essential Series, to the Little John, and even the Spin John 80, SPRO offers baits that will catch fish from top to bottom.

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