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Cabela’s Deer Gear TV allows viewers who enjoy whitetail hunting and the gear associated with it an opportunity to see a diverse range of products used, reviewed, and put to the test. This unique program allows manufacturers, industry personnel, and experts to provide their own personalized messages and demonstrations of their products and services within each episode. In addition to all the gear featured within each episode, viewers are also treated to messages about how to get the most out of their hunting locations with tips on whitetail management, creating food plots, herd management, proper conservation and more!


Cabela’s Deer Gear “Hunting with Airguns”

Cabela’s Deer Gear "Hunting with Airguns" -- Airgun hunting is an underrated way to hunt. In this episode, we are taking a look at some of the powerful airguns that Umarex has to offer. With ammo prices and supplies being what they are, hunting with an airgun can be an exciting hunting alternative!

Cabela’s Deer Gear “Hunting Whitetail Deer with the 5.56”

Cabela’s Deer Gear "Hunting Whitetail Deer with the 5.56" -- Modern Sporting Rifles are a great option when hunting whitetail. In this episode we are taking a look at modern sporting rifles and how they perform in the field when it comes to deer hunting.

Cabela’s Deer Gear “Choosing the Right Crossbow”

Cabela’s Deer Gear "Choosing the Right Crossbow" -- In this episode we go over the latest and greatest crossbows that TenPoint Crossbows has to offer. Regardless of your budget there is a crossbow for you that will help you put meat on the table!

Cabela’s Deer Gear “The NEW Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope and Garmin Xero 2 Bow Sight”

Cabela’s Deer Gear "The NEW Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope and Garmin Xero 2 Bow Sight" -- We take a look at two revolutionary bow sights from Garmin. The Garmin Xero A1i PRO is latest edition to the Garmin Xero family and boasts new microadjustments to dial in your Xero Bow sight fast! The other sight we will look at is the Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope. The revolutionary Garmin Xero technology is now available to crossbow hunters with this powerful new scope.

Cabela’s Deer Gear “Bow Hunting”

Cabela’s Deer Gear "Bow Hunting" -- For as long as anyone can recall hunting with a bow and arrow has been a way to feed your family and have great times in the field. In this episode we go deep into how and why Bow Hunting is so popular.

Cabela’s Deer Gear “Hunting with Handguns”

Cabela’s Deer Gear "Hunting with Handguns" -- Ready for a new challenge then start hunting with these hand cannons. In this episode you will see tips tactics and insight on how to hunt with handguns choose the proper handgun as well as what options are out there to help you find success.

Cabela’s Deer Gear “Getting Kids Into Hunting”

Getting Kids Into Hunting Cabela’s Deer Gear Passing on the traditions and importance of hunting is a time honored passion for many outdoorsmen. The excitement of taking your kids hunting for the first time, [...]

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