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Victory Outdoors is an award winning hunting show airing on all major digital platforms.


Victory Outdoors “October Mayhem”

Victory Outdoors "October Mayhem" -- Drexel Richardson has a fantastic October in Iowa. We would start with his Xpedition bow in his hand before he picks up his muzzleloader and kills one of his main target bucks. Less than two week later we would take his largest buck to date with his bow.

Victory Outdoors “Persistent Payoff”

Victory Outdoors "Persistent Payoff" -- Persistence pays off when Jake Reed set his sights on harvesting a giant Iowa Whitetail! This two season quest documents his highest of highs and lowest of lows but in the end his willingness to pass on younger deer pays off!

Victory Outdoors “Love At First Buck”

Victory Outdoors "Love At First Buck" -- Just before Ian and LaKoda tie the knot LaKoda arrows a monster Iowa whitetail. Then she self films a doe harvest. Ian finally closes out the season with a giant 154 Pope and Young eight pointer.

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