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Bushnell’s Trigger Effect breaks the standard mold of hunting adventure TV shows.  Although our Hosts and Pro-Staff provide high-quality outdoor adventures in every episode, we also focus on the hunt before and after the trigger is pulled with a high-value on education. There is more to hunting than just the stalk and taking of the harvest.

The show draws from the diversified outdoor education and experience of the two Hosts.  The Bushnell’s Trigger Effect team was carefully selected to ensure that the production was well-rounded in not only being able to offer the viewer a great cinematic experience but also provide multiple perspectives of expertise from within the entire outdoor industry.  Dean, Kent and their Pro-Staff have all enjoyed very successful professional careers in the outdoor sector and now bring that experience to Bushnell’s Trigger Effect.


Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Elusive Eland”

Elusive Eland Bushnell's Trigger Effect Host Kent Michie pursues South Africa's largest antelope species the Cape Eland with Select Safaris. They may be as big as our Canadian Moose, however that doesn't make them [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “By the Water”

By the Water Bushnell's Trigger Effect It's time to hit the waterholes in South Africa with Select Safaris. Kent and Dean are targeting probably two of the most iconic plains game species in Africa [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Boar Adventures”

Boar Adventures Bushnell's Trigger Effect Kent, Dean and Jason all head to Saskatchewan to hunt with Kelly Readman's Wild Boar Adventures in the hopes to fill their freezer with some pork and bacon. Pretty [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Prairie Sun”

Prairie Sun Bushnell's Trigger Effect Dean and Kent head to Saskatchewan to hunt waterfowl with Shawn Prestupa of Prairie Sun Outfitters. This is one incredible mixed bag of waterfowl hunting; snows, specs, Canadas and [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Hog Hitmen”

Hog Hitmen Bushnell's Trigger Effect Dean and Kent head back down to South Texas to meet up with South Texas Elite Hog Hunting. Every once and awhile you get those hunts when you are [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Mountain Merriams”

Mountain Merriams Bushnell's Trigger Effect Pro-Staff Jason Bellow's heads to the interior of British Columbia with his wife Sarah. They are returning to the same property they hunted in 2017 to chase mountain Merriam [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Arizona Stink Pigs”

Arizona Stink Pigs Bushnell's Trigger Effect Pro-Staff husband/wife team Chris and Tegan Kitt head to the sunny State of Arizona to chase javelina…AKA "stink pigs". They are joined by Arizona resident and guide John [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Wild West Waterfowl”

Wild West Waterfowl Bushnell's Trigger Effect Hosts Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie are hunting with Ryan Sterne from VISTA Outdoors for waterfowl in Central British Columbia with Feathers and Fins Outfitters. It's a wild [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “From a Distance”

From a Distance Bushnell's Trigger Effect Kent is pursuing the iconic impala, whereas it is Dean's turn to chase the majestic greater kudu. Both of these animals are leery and have amazing eye-sight, so [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “On the Edge”

On the Edge Bushnell's Trigger Effect The boys are hunting the rim edge habitat of the gorges in South Africa. Kent is targeting one of the smallest antelope species, the klipspringer. Dean, however, is [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Silver Linings”

Silver Linings Bushnell's Trigger Effect Hosts Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie head to central Manitoba to hunt Canada geese and ducks with Silver Wing Waterfowl. The hunt starts off with a bang and then [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Nitro”

Nitro Bushnell's Trigger Effect Host Kent Michie on an epic two-years quest chasing a true Manitoba giant the team calls Nitro. Through two hunting season including archery, muzzleloader and rifle Kent uses various tactics [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Búfalo de Agua”

Búfalo de Agua Bushnell's Trigger Effect Kent gets to pursue a life-long dream and hunt a water buffalo in Argentina's La Pampa province. Before he heads out, Dean gets a chance to participate on [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Goulds Galore”

Goulds Galore Bushnell's Trigger Effect Well, the boys head off to the Chihuahua Province of Mexico to chase Goulds turkey. This is a first for both, however, the giant desert turkeys have a warm [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Bay’em Up”

Bay'em Up Bushnell's Trigger Effect Host Kent Michie is joined by Pro-Staff Chris Kitt and heading to Idaho in pursuit of the mountain lion (cougar). The boys are sledding and hiking in some of [...]

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect “Double Header”

Double Header Bushnell's Trigger Effect Host Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie are heading to beautiful Maine, the USA to chase one of the densest populations of Eastern turkey in North America. The weather is [...]