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The series follows some of the best outdoor televisions personalities on earth. Tom Schaal listened to the biggest complaint on the web about how viewers hated all the commercials currently in outdoor related shows, so he created a show that was commercial free and action packed from beginning to end.


Bring the Heat “The Challenge”

Bring the Heat "The Challenge" -- The crew heads out to hunt in some cold weather from ground blinds. Big Whitetail Bucks are featured in this episode.

Bring the Heat “Make it Happen”

Bring the Heat "Make it Happen" -- This week we wrap up another season of Bring The Heat with some turkey hunting and a bucket list animal for Justin.

Bring the Heat “Bucket List”

Bring the Heat "Bucket List" -- This week Blaine heads to Saskatchewan so he can mark off a big Canadian whitetail on his bucket list!

Bring the Heat “Have Patience”

Bring the Heat "Have Patience" -- This week we head up to Deans to see if his buddy Steve can finally connect on a monster buck after having years of patience.

Bring the Heat “The Big 12”

The Big 12 Bring the Heat Host Tom Schaal heads up to Canada for a monster 12 point that Dean has pictures of. Tom is going after his biggest buck to date. Then Joey [...]

Bring the Heat “Big Buck Double”

Big Buck Double Bring the Heat We are back up North with both Cody and Dean searching for monster bucks, then Tom goes on his very first Turkey hunt.

Bring the Heat “Ohio Curse Breaker”

Ohio Curse Breaker Bring the Heat This week Blaine is in Ohio trying to break his Midwest curse with his black-powder gun chasing monster bucks. Then we are off to Texas to try to [...]

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