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Bone Shack Outdoors is about hunting ethically and 100% fair chase. Our pro-staff is made up with hunters that have a passion for the great outdoors and the utmost respect for the animals we harvest. God, family, hunting, and friends is what we are about. We are parents, business men, coaches and volunteers that have our priorities in line. We love the outdoors and our mission is to show everyone that you can work full time, be a true family man, volunteer in your communities and still have time to be a successful hunter. Just like you we are weekend warriors that understand the struggle of balancing our busy schedules and sneaking in time to hunt when we can find it and make it work.  It isn’t uncommon for us to clock out of work on a Friday evening, jump in the vehicle and tackle an 8-10 hour drive to get to our next hunting spot.  The majority of our adventures are do it yourself hunts where our staff is out searching for new hunting leases, scouting public ground, hanging our own stands, planting food plots and working as hard as we can to improve our success rates.

We are excited to share our experiences in the field with you and we appreciate your support of our show.  Bone Shack Outdoors understands that we can only do what we do and bring you these experiences thanks for the amazing men and women in our arm forces that fight each and every day to keep us free. God truly has blessed us and we are forever grateful.


Bone Shack Outdoors “Thats A Wrap!”

Bone Shack Outdoors "Thats A Wrap!" -- This week the girls are up. Martys wife Ciera is chasing turkeys and Joeys daughter Natalie is after her very first buck ever!

Bone Shack Outdoors “2 Bucks and A Pig”

Bone Shack Outdoors "2 Bucks and A Pig" -- This week Gary is after pigs Marty is chasing a late season buck and Parker is after a buck of his own with a little excitement in the blind.

Bone Shack Outdoors “Emotions”

Bone Shack Outdoors "Emotions" -- This week Jody is chasing big bucks in Texas then they are of to West Virginia with Joeys son JJ to see if he can get it done with a bow on a whitetail.

Bone Shack Outdoors “Raisem Right”

Bone Shack Outdoors "Raisem Right" -- This week we are joining the kids. Landon gets his biggest elk to date and Natalie shoots her first deer by herself without dads help!

Bone Shack Outdoors “Turkey and a Doe”

Turkey and a Doe Bone Shack Outdoors This week we join Marty and his dad chasing after some turkeys then they head to the water, while JJ heads out to self film to get [...]

Bone Shack Outdoors “Best Friends”

Best Friends Bone Shack Outdoors This week we join Marty and his dad chasing after some turkeys then we head to the water with Jody and some boys to have a lil fun in [...]

Bone Shack Outdoors “Lil Family Time”

Lil Family Time Bone Shack Outdoors This week Joey takes his little girl Natalie out after her first deer, then they are off to see if his wife Amy can get her very first [...]

Bone Shack Outdoors “The 10 Yard Buck”

The 10 Yard Buck Bone Shack Outdoors This week the boneshack crew is bow hunting deer and gets an opportunity spot and stalk at a giant buck at 10 yards. Then JJ is up [...]

Bone Shack Outdoors “Five Five”

Five Five Bone Shack Outdoors Season Five, Show 5. Joey is after a monster Pike County buck after what might be his slowest week in Illinois ever. Then we head to Texas with David. [...]

Bone Shack Outdoors “Parkerize”

Parkerize Bone Shack Outdoors The Boneshack crew are once again going after the majestic whitetail. Host Jody Fry is up first looking for a giant Texas buck, then Parker experiences the highs and lows [...]

Bone Shack Outdoors “Action Jackson”

Action Jackson Bone Shack Outdoors Chris Jackson from Solvid takes you through a 4-year mission to harvest a mule deer that has escaped him for years. Then Jody goes after a big buck. [...]

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