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Blue Collar Adventures is a show dedicated to help viewers find the outdoors.  Work Hard, Play Harder.  We seek out the best destinations and products.Blue Collar Adventures follows Jay Presti and friends as they visit some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, while chasing that ever elusive next trophy. While the destinations and game are what drive us, veteran hunter Jay Presti realized it was as much about the adventure in getting there and the people he met along that journey that made the experience so enriching. BCA strives to bring that experience to its audience in an honest and sincere way. We want each viewer to feel like they were on every expedition with us – not only in the stand or on the stalk for the hunt, but back at camp and on the trek to get there as well. We believe as hunters we prefer to go with friends because it is so deeply engrained in our DNA from days when it took a group of men with a like goal to feed their families. It is that fellowship and bond that brings us all together and makes us better for having had that experience.


Blue Collar Adventures “Hang Loose part 2”

Blue Collar Adventures "Hang Loose part 2" -- Jay and the girls are hunting in Maui. With the overpopulation of axis deer and feral goats they have a hunt of a lifetime managing game. The steep terrain creates some long shots!

Blue Collar Adventures “Up the road”

Blue Collar Adventures "Up the road" -- Jay and Crystal buy a hunt at an auction to benefit community. The Guest Ranch is 20 minutes from home in Strawn Texas. The G93 guides take BCA out to chase exotics with their bows.

Blue Collar Adventures “4 REPEAT”

Blue Collar Adventures "4 REPEAT" -- Jay and Crystal have some up close and personal encounters with Black Death or Cape buffalo. This duo sets out to hunt dangerous game and feed the locals.

Blue Collar Adventures “3 REPEAT”

Blue Collar Adventures "3 REPEAT" -- Lifetime friends Jeff Dean and Brad Sullivan experience dangerous game in Namibia while feeding the villages. Monster hippos Cape buffalo and population management.

Blue Collar Adventures “Texas Style”

Blue Collar Adventures "Texas Style" -- We go visit our friends at Big Texas Deer and Executive Outdoor Adventures for a Texas style exotic bow hunt and helicopter hog hunt. The Sullivan Whitetail Ranch is place in Texas that can make any hunters dreams come true.

Blue Collar Adventures “Chasing Marlin Cabo”

Blue Collar Adventures "Chasing Marlin Cabo" -- The crew from Blue Collar Adventures and Big Texas Deer go south to Mexico to chase the striped marlin with Sea Señora. Get ready for an epic day on the water including a triple hook up.

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