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Josh and Shasta are lawyers by profession and in law, the bar is the legal profession as an institution. The term is a metonym for the line (or bar) that separates the parts of a courtroom reserved for spectators and those reserved for participants in a trial such as lawyers. They have found a way to go beyond their profession (the “bar”) to live and enjoy life with their family and friends. The challenge of balancing careers and families and the many unforeseen obstacles in life is common among nearly everyone you meet.


Beyond The Bar “Bucket List”

Bucket List Beyond The Bar A black bear was high on Josh's bucket list and apparently tops on Joscelyn's dinner menu! Let's hope we can fill some tags and some freezers! [...]

Beyond The Bar “Sabotage”

Sabotage Beyond The Bar This whitetail story starts is 2015 when Shasta picks up her first bow and ends 2 years later on a Kentucky bruiser. Fate or sabotage?

Beyond The Bar “Our Story”

Our Story Beyond The Bar What is Beyond the Bar? Who are Josh and Shasta? This week we tell our story and introduce you to our supporting cast and oh yea, we are hunting [...]

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