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The series follows one of outdoor televisions authority on bears, Blaine Anthony.  In the series, Blaine will be traveling North America to visit bear hot spots and meeting with other whisperers.  Viewers will discover that bears are not the cute cuddly animal currently portrayed on big network television, but they are in fact dangerous and the ultimate predator.  The show features everything from entering bear dens in the winter, trapping, different form of hunting, to getting actual bear attacks on film.


BEAR WHISPERER “Spot n Stalk Buck”

BEAR WHISPERER "Spot n Stalk Buck" -- Blaine is in the Hill Country as we pick up where we left off last week Blaine is head down a mountain to put a stalk on a big Texas buck.


BEAR WHISPERER "On the run" -- Blaine finishes his hunt in Michigan. Then takes you to Florida where he chases down hogs from a swamp buggy with a bow. Then how about setting up a ground blind under water and waiting for carp to swim by?

BEAR WHISPERER “Michigan Bound”

BEAR WHISPERER "Michigan Bound" -- Blaine attempts to catch his first Michigan Buck on film He has some private land to hunt but ends up in the least likely place he could imagine

BEAR WHISPERER “North Carolina”

BEAR WHISPERER "North Carolina" -- Blaine is off to North Carolina for Black Bear with hounds. This is his first hound hunt in 10 years with hopes of finding a North Carolina Giant.

BEAR WHISPERER “Dont grab a live bear”

BEAR WHISPERER "Dont grab a live bear" -- When Blaines camera man shoots a bear a chase is on ending with the bear still being alive and decides Blaine is to close and jumps on him.

BEAR WHISPERER “Becoming Gator Bait”

BEAR WHISPERER "Becoming Gator Bait" -- Blaine is finishing his hunt in Florida for alligator. Be careful of what you wish for because sometimes the hunter becomes the Hunted.


BEAR WHISPERER "SNAFU" -- Blaine is hunting spring bear in Maine. Things fo very bad on night two can Blaine recover. Then Blaine packs up and heads to Florida.

BEAR WHISPERER “Texas to Maine”

BEAR WHISPERER "Texas to Maine" -- Blaine finishes his hunt on 100000 fair chase acres in Texas then heads up to his home state of Maine for Spring Bear Hunting.


BEAR WHISPERER "Club Cancun" -- Blaine heads out to a secret location in Texas he calls Club Cancun. He is out hunting some of the largest fair chase Texas bucks he has ever laid eyes on.


BEAR WHISPERER "Climb" -- Blaine takes you through a couple close calls with bear vs. hunter. What would you do if a bear climbs the tree you are sitting in?

BEAR WHISPERER “Do not grab a live bear”

BEAR WHISPERER "Do not grab a live bear" -- When Blaines camera man shoots a bear a chase is on ending with the bear still being alive and decides Blaine is to close and jumps on him.


BEAR WHISPERER "Rage" -- Blaine kicks off his 19th year on Outdoor Television with a show called Rage. It will be a 3 part series of bear attacks caught on film and education on what to do when you encounter a bear in the wild.


Black Friday BEAR WHISPERER Blaine goes over the hottest gear to buy an outdoorsmen for Christmas and how to get it all at extreme discounts!


The Hog Den BEAR WHISPERER Blaine finishes his hunt for Nilgai. Then heads out woth Leroy to Hog Traps. Blaine is no stranger to getting in and dealing with bear dens, but how will [...]


Nilgai BEAR WHISPERER Blaine finally gets to put his hands on Big Red. Then he heads out after a trophy Nilgai. Blaine has never even seen one in the wild. Will this 600 pound [...]


Big Red BEAR WHISPERER Blaine continues his mission to harvest a buck they call "Big Red" in South Texas and tries some unconventional tactics to outsmart the old buck.

BEAR WHISPERER “Bucket List Buck”

Bucket List Buck BEAR WHISPERER Blaine is off to the Mexican Border to the southern most part of Texas for one of those South Texas Whitetail hunts that has been on his bucket list [...]


Drop Tine BEAR WHISPERER Blaine finishes his hunt in the Midwest for big bucks. He has an encounter with a dream buck of his, a buck with a big drop tine. [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “Midwest Mayhem”

Midwest Mayhem BEAR WHISPERER Blaine heads to the Midwest just to find out there is going to be steady rain for his entire stay. Trying to keep himself and the cameras dry, Blaine has [...]


Buddys Place BEAR WHISPERER Blaine finishes his hunt in Saskatchewan looking for giant northern bucks. We also get to join Terry as a 160 giant steps out in front of him ... but Blaine [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “Trapping Attack”

Trapping Attack BEAR WHISPERER Blaine is way up in Northern Maine trapping bear. After being tranquilized, one bear wakes up to early. And see what a giant bear does when he is not in [...]

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