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The series follows one of outdoor televisions authority on bears, Blaine Anthony.  In the series, Blaine will be traveling North America to visit bear hot spots and meeting with other whisperers.  Viewers will discover that bears are not the cute cuddly animal currently portrayed on big network television, but they are in fact dangerous and the ultimate predator.  The show features everything from entering bear dens in the winter, trapping, different form of hunting, to getting actual bear attacks on film.



Last Chance BEAR WHISPERER With the Texas trip at the High Point Ranch coming to a close, Blaine sets the Darton down and picks up the YHM in hopes of closing the chapter on [...]


The Big 8 BEAR WHISPERER This week Blaine sets his sights on the buck of his dreams down at the High Point Ranch in Texas!

BEAR WHISPERER “Here Piggy Piggy”

Here Piggy Piggy BEAR WHISPERER After a long week of hunting deer and not filling any tags, Blaine sets his sights on hogs, and he has a Hog he did not expect to see [...]


Last Day Luck? BEAR WHISPERER This week Blaine and crew takes his last tag to the very last day of his trip. Will his luck turn around? Tune in to find out! [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “Covered up!”

Covered up! BEAR WHISPERER This week Blaine jumps in the tree along with the rest of the crew in camp in hopes of putting some grade A bear meat in the freezer! [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “What to look for”

What to look for BEAR WHISPERER This week we head into the woods as Blaine gives us more tips for baiting bear, then we put those tips to work and head out to fill [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “High Rack Texas bucks”

High Rack Texas bucks BEAR WHISPERER This week Blaine takes his Hawke Optics and YHM rifle all the way down to Texas to see if he can keep his Whitetail streak going. [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “Bear on the Beach! Part 1”

Bear on the Beach! Part 1 BEAR WHISPERER Blaine heads to Alaska for his favorite hunt of the year. He is bringing Jeff from Bossman Outdoors and Doug Roberts from Conquest Scents. They will [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “Booner in Canada”

Booner in Canada BEAR WHISPERER Blaine finishes his trip to Canada. Blaine goes up to Canada with the boys from Dead Ringer and he goes after a specific bear that could just be the [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “Viewers Memories”

Viewers Memories BEAR WHISPERER 8 seasons of Bear Whisperer and Blaine goes over what viewers remember most about past seasons. Includes an injured bear jumping on Blaine, and Blaine running for his life from [...]


Close Call BEAR WHISPERER Blaine returns with the Maine Bear Crew. This week we go behind the scenes of the men and woman of the crew and see what happens in the field when [...]

BEAR WHISPERER “North Maine woods”

North Maine woods BEAR WHISPERER Blaine finishes up going over how to field judge a bear. Then he heads up to the North Maine woods to spend time with the Maine Bear crew. [...]