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We try to show a little humor with some tips and tricks along the way in all of our work. While travelling the country and hunting for my Bassquatch, I have the pleasure of meeting the best people in the industry and the amazing people in the sport. I try to showcase all of my favorite pieces of gear along the way and most importantly, I love to have the opportunity to have access to these brands so I can give back to all of you incredible supporters, fans, friends and FAMILY.


Bassquatch Hunter TV “His kayak sank and then a HUGE SURPRISE!”

Bassquatch Hunter TV "His kayak sank and then a HUGE SURPRISE!" -- In this episode, Mike happened to be at the right place at the right time and helped rescue a fellow angler after his kayak sank in hypothermic water. Then a huge surprise happens and some great BASSQUATCH are caught!

Bassquatch Hunter TV “Fish and Firearms Louisiana custom Firearm factory”

Bassquatch Hunter TV "Fish and Firearms Louisiana custom Firearm factory" -- In this episode, Mike starts out freezing in Michigan while ice fishing and then escapes the cold to fly down to the humid swamps of Louisiana. But he does not hunt for fish down there. Instead, Mike links up with his friends at Outlaw Ordnance in Louisiana. After an exclusive tour of the factory where they make beautiful firearms, they head to a one-of-a-kind private gun range to test them out! Don't miss this episode It is A BLAST!

Bassquatch Hunter TV “Pro Fishing vs Pro Hockey”

Bassquatch Hunter TV "Pro Fishing vs Pro Hockey" -- Mike threw out a challenge to a former NHL professional hockey player. The challenge was accepted. Mike takes Triston Grant on the kayak for a hunt for a monster smallmouth bass! Then you can get an exclusive tour of a factory where they make custom hockey goalie gear where Mike gets a custom set of pads to take on Triston in a hockey shootout and fun! From open water to frozen water and poles to blades, check out this awesome adventure!

Bassquatch Hunter TV “Duck-Squatch and Surprising shoppers!”

Bassquatch Hunter TV "Duck-Squatch and Surprising shoppers!" -- In this episode, Mike takes Curtis Martin from Black Dirt Outdoors fishing and then they go in his world and do some amazing duck hunting on Lake St. Clair! After a fun day outdoors, Mike surprises shoppers with gift cards! Check it out!

Bassquatch Hunter TV “Fishing with NASCAR”

Fishing with NASCAR Bassquatch Hunter TV Join Mike and crew while we hunt for our Bassquatch a little faster than normal when we bring along the Rookie of the Year Truck Series driver, Tyler [...]

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