Blaine Anthony is Raw. This new show is funny, entertaining, and unfiltered.


RAW “Heli Hog from the ground”

RAW "Heli Hog from the ground" -- Everyone knows Blaine is afraid of flying. So what is he to do when he wants to do a Helicopter Hog Hunt? Tune in to find out.

RAW “The Everglades”

RAW "The Everglades" -- Blaine finished his mission to hunt gator in the everglades without any danger for a change.

RAW “Gator Danger”

RAW "Gator Danger" -- Blaine heads to Florida on his yearly trip but before he gets into the gator action he reminisces about past close calls with alligators.

RAW “Buck or Aoudad”

RAW "Buck or Aoudad" -- Blaine is hunting giant whitetails in Texas. Well when the big bucks just wo not show up will he harvest an aoudad?


RAW "RAW" -- If you thought Blaine told it like it is on Bear Whisperer watch RAW to see everything you do not see behind the scenes while filming an outdoor show.

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