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Come along for the real, heart-pounding, thrill of the hunt with Apex Hunter TV (AHTV)!


Apex Hunter “Gator”

Gator Apex Hunter This week Drew is up and he is in Florida hunting gator and hogs at Townsend and Sons. Brave Dave also gets in on the action.

Apex Hunter “Deer Bear Hog”

Deer Bear Hog Apex Hunter The Apex hunters are on a mission this week. Crazy Dave, Cajsa, and even Blaine are getting in the action of a multiple species show. [...]

Apex Hunter “Maine Bear Jinx”

Maine Bear Jinx Apex Hunter A man from Maine has a jinx hunting bears in his home state. We take you through his journey to see if the jinx can be broken. [...]

Apex Hunter “First Crack”

First Crack Apex Hunter Host Steve Web finally makes his first crack at filming a whitetail hunt in Texas. Pro-Staffer Travis is with him and also goes after his first filmed hunt for the [...]

Apex Hunter “3 Year Skunk”

3 Year Skunk Apex Hunter Jeff Elliott finishes a hunt in Texas, then Twyla tries to break a 3 year streak of not getting a Maine Buck.

Apex Hunter “Big Midwest Bucks”

Big Midwest Bucks Apex Hunter The premiere episode of Apex Hunter kicks off with the Bear Whisperer heading to the Midwest in search of big whitetail. Cazja heads out also in search of a [...]

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