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“DeerTech TV” is the “how it’s made” of the outdoor industry. We’ll cover bows, arrows, firearms, apparel, boots, treestands, optics and other deer hunting accessories that can help make your hunting experiences more successful.


DeerTech TV “Treestands, Noses and Whitetails”

Treestands, Noses and Whitetails DeerTech TV In the very first episode of DeerTech TV we climb high into some of Primal Treestands' latest innovations and then we take a dive into a whitetail's nose [...]

DeerTech TV “Week Thirteen”

Week Thirteen DeerTech TV Do you feel confident in asking your neighbors to cross property boundaries in case a deer runs away on you? In today's episode, we teach you how to gain that [...]

DeerTech TV “HogTech”

HogTech DeerTech TV We're switching it up from deer to hogs as we hunt down in Osceola, Florida with outdoor writer Brad Fenson.

DeerTech TV “Scout on the Go!”

Scout on the Go! DeerTech TV Discover ways to scout on the go, staying on top of the wind direction and everything in between in this weeks episode of DeerTech TV. [...]

DeerTech TV “Week Eight”

Week Eight DeerTech TV Entrepreneurship is the force that drives American innovation, this week we hear how one trapper developed a way to take his love of trapping and turn it into a successful [...]

DeerTech TV “Week 6”

Week 6 DeerTech TV This year we've all been affected by the dangers of a virus, but what if you, as a hunter, already had something that could help keep you & your loved [...]

DeerTech TV “Week Five”

Week Five DeerTech TV This week we are stepping up our scent game as we talk to Scent Thief inventor, Russel Epperson.

DeerTech TV “Week Four”

Week Four DeerTech TV This week we examine some awesome European mount solutions before tagging along with Georgia DIY hunter, Tanner Edenfield.

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