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Our objective is to provide anglers the ability to participate in premier crappie tournaments with the highest guaranteed payout in the industry. The use of state-of-the-art trailers and weigh-in stations, full production live internet weigh-ins, great film and editing crews, established television networks and knowledgeable staff will raise the bar in the crappie fishing industry. The American Crappie Trail was started by fisherman for the fisherman.


American Crappie Trail “Grenada Lake Day 1”

Grenada Lake Day 1 American Crappie Trail Perfect weather doesn’t always mean perfect fishing conditions as The American Crappie trail travels to the land of the giants, Grenada Lake, sponsored by Lucas Oil. This [...]

American Crappie Trail “Ouachita River Day 2”

Ouachita River Day 2 American Crappie Trail As Ouachita River continues to rise after a hurricane, anglers are finding the crappie to be very spooky, free-roaming, and light on the bite. It’s anyone’s guess [...]

American Crappie Trail “Kentucky Lake Day 2”

Kentucky Lake Day 2 American Crappie Trail Only a matter of ounces separates the top five teams going into day two of the Kentucky Lake event. Who will win on Championship Saturday, in the [...]

American Crappie Trail “Ouachita River Day 1”

Ouachita River Day 1 American Crappie Trail An overnight hurricane turned the waters of the Ouachita River over, undoing a week’s worth of practice and waypoint data. The crappie are here, but will anyone [...]

American Crappie Trail “ACT Pro Tips”

ACT Pro Tips American Crappie Trail Join 4 of the top ACT pros as they take you through the tips and tricks of successfully fishing the number on Crappie Tournament trail in the country. [...]

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