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We are a group of hardcore hunters committed to conserving the traditions and introducing new experiences and technologies that cater to the everyday enthusiast.


704 Outdoors “Thanksgiving Bucks”

Thanksgiving Bucks 704 Outdoors Lee Howard has a great November on his farm in Caswell County! One being a wet but successful hunt on Thanksgiving day. Had a hard time deciding which buck to [...]

704 Outdoors “The Funky Bunch”

The Funky Bunch 704 Outdoors John and JBone are after a monster buck when out steps the Funky Bunch, a bachelor group of management bucks that are all rocking funky racks. Product feature: Species-Specific [...]

704 Outdoors “JBone Drops a NC Bruiser”

JBone Drops a NC Bruiser 704 Outdoors Time for deer season! JBone kicks off our deer hunting episodes with a great NC buck harvest. He had a tough season last year, he starts this [...]

704 Outdoors “Kayla Gone Hog Wild”

Kayla Gone Hog Wild 704 Outdoors Kayla breaks out the Ar-10 again for another jaw dropping hog hunt! Michael follows her lead and gets after them with his newly released night vision unit. [...]

704 Outdoors “The Juice Hole”

The Juice Hole 704 Outdoors Corey take you to his favorite fishing spot in the world and shows you how to get it done! Bass after bass he explains what lures work the best [...]

704 Outdoors “Hard Headed Hogs”

Hard Headed Hogs 704 Outdoors John learns a lesson on shot placement when it comes to hard headed hogs! He makes a call to Performance Gunworks to up the firepower and gets back out [...]

704 Outdoors “RJ’s First Wild Hog”

RJ's First Wild Hog 704 Outdoors We are getting into the hogs good now! RJ experiences his first Wild Hog harvest ever, Michael from 3D Night Vision gets on his first wild hogs himself [...]

704 Outdoors “Season 4 Kick Off”

Season 4 Kick Off 704 Outdoors We're Back! What a better way to Kick Off Season 4 then by sharing a Make A Wish event that we were honored to be a part of. [...]