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The passion for the outdoors was instilled into Steve and Joe Rocco Jr at a very young age. Growing up in western PA, their father Joe SR took them hunting and fishing every chance he had! “A family tradition! The first day of buck season is a holiday were we grew up, they shut the schools down because no one would go HaHaHa. – Steve” This was a love of the outdoors that was flowing in there veins! “We planned our lives around it, we still do actually! – Joe Jr” In 2004 Joe Rocco SR was in a hunting related accident that prevented him from getting outdoors. “ We did everything possible to get dad out, sometimes that required us taking oxygen tanks to his ground blind the night before. It didn’t matter to him, HE WAS GOING – Steve” . Keystone Wild Outdoors was created in July of 2016, 3 months after Joe SR passed away. “Dad always told us if you have the chance to do something, do it. Life’s to short! – Steve” Those choice words have stuck with the Rocco boys, they continue to turn every conversation into a hunting story just like Joe SR. There passion for the outdoors and spirit of their dad lives on in KWO!


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