Curtis Takes on the Upper Gauley River in WV!

Fly Rod Chronicles

Its gauley season on the world renowned waters of the Upper Gauley River in Fayetteville West Virginia. The autumn leaves are at their peak when Curtis travels down Route 79 to chase some smallmouth bass. Not only does Curtis catch some perfect smallmouth bass on the fly he decides he is up to the challenge to raft one of the countrys most anticipated rafting trip. Adventures on the Gorge hosted the FRC crew as they experienced an adrenaline rush like no other as the recreational whitewater release left their hearts racing. As coveted as the gauley season is to the rafting communities the country music community covetsthe talents of Nashvilles Country Music Artist George Shingleton. In honor of the West Virginia State Troopers who protect and serve the mountaineers of West Virginia George hosted a private concert to honor them for their service.