Wild Bout Huntin “Forever Flush”

Forever Flush Wild Bout Huntin The week we were invited to film the Steve Lucente Memorial Pheasant Hunt. This hunt is for kids to learn about the outdoors, hunting, fishing and trapping and get a chance to go after some pheasants with professional guides and some amazing dogs.

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Wild Bout Huntin “River Fun”

River Fun Wild Bout Huntin This week it's a little fun on the river. The guys join Dan O'Donnell, Owner of Daniel's Taxidermy, for some bowfishing on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. Then they take two lucky giveaway winners to let them experience some fun as well.

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Wild Bout Huntin “Groundhog Day”

Groundhog Day Wild Bout Huntin This week it's Groundhog Day. No not the movie, but instead a friendly team competition amongst the guys as they take on one another for the Frontiersman Trophy. It's Team Ganc against Team Century to see who will come out on top.

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Wild Bout Huntin “Brothers”

Brothers Wild Bout Huntin This week it's all about family as brothers Dennis and David Ganc tackle the last few days they have left in the Spring Turkey Season to try and punch a tag. It's some tough hunting and tough conditions but these two wouldn't have it any other way. [...]

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Wild Bout Huntin “So Close”

So Close Wild Bout Huntin This week we get oh so close with hunt winner Tammy Mummey. Tammy won a 2 Day Turkey Hunt at the WBH Release Party and she and her husband, Brian join the WBH Cameras for a little turkey and fishing action with Chris and Penny Walizer of Buck Cage. [...]

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